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4 Steps to Navigate Your Quarter-Life Crisis

While these steps are no silver bullet to overcoming your quarter-life crisis, they will help you navigate this difficult time. Embrace the uncertainty and know that this period is only temporary. Keep in mind that you are not alone and you will come out of it a more weathered, experienced and insightful professional.

How Do You Get Good at Public Speaking? Fall in Love With It

This is the second installment in a three-part series covering GovLoop’s virtual training event on effective public speaking. The first installment collected top tricks for improving your public speaking, while the third installment answered frequently asked questions about effective public communication. I love developing expertise on a topic. It’s a multitude of reasons: I enjoyRead… Read more »

Productively Focusing Job Interview-Performance Anxiety: Transforming “Perfection” into Purpose, Patience and Possibility

[This article was written with the permission and in consultation with the below-mentioned phone-coaching client.] Once again, through the wonder of the Internet, I’ve had a chance to connect with a bright, insightful and articulate individual. Our email interaction began when Barbara, (a fictional name), discovered one of my writings, and we now periodically exchangeRead… Read more »