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Embracing Data-The Best Places to Work in Federal Gov

Why does the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) poll government employees every year about the best places to work in the federal government? Is it a recruitment tool for those considering public service? To gauge employee satisfaction? Just for fun? Maybe. However, the Partnership for Public Service (PPS), wants the survey to be a sourceRead… Read more »

Revitalizing the Federal Workforce

Managers as a whole are an integral part of the employee experience. We remember the good ones – and we really remember the bad ones. Because they are so involved in day-to-day activities, the way your manager treats you can drastically impact how you view your workplace. How leaders manage talent is thus integral toRead… Read more »

3 Steps to Be a Good Government Leader

Are you happy with your boss? Do you feel appreciated for your contributions? How satisfied are you with your work environment? Your answer to those questions will probably vary somewhat based on your position in the workforce. However, if you’re in the public sector, your responses may be drastically different from your boss’s. Each year,Read… Read more »

Daily Dose: Leadership Remains One of the Lowest Ranked Federal Workplace Categories

Yesterday evening, Tom Fox reported that according to the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government rankings, leadership remains to be one of the lowest ranked categories. Why are federal leaders receiving these low scores of 54.9 out of 100? Our government leaders, particularly the political and career senior executives, performed poorly when itRead… Read more »