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Interested in Human Resources for the DoD?

If you’re interested in human resources for the Department of Defense, we have a special training event just for you called Human Capital Management Defense (HCMD) 2011, which is taking place Feb. 14-17 at the Sheraton National Hotel in Arlington, VA. Now in its 6th year, HCMD brings together HR professionals who are focused onRead… Read more »

Saving Money on Government IT (From

Posted by Vivek Kundra on December 10, 2010 at 04:03 PM EST For too long, many government IT projects cost hundreds of millions of dollars more than they should, took years longer than necessary to deploy, and delivered technologies that were obsolete by the time they were completed. This summer we took a hard lookRead… Read more »

Working Beyond Borders | The 2010 Global Chief Human Resource Officer Study

As many leaders in the government industry know, we live in an increasingly borderless world. Greater access to technology has removed many barriers to connecting people and resources. In order to understand how to effectively operate in this new, complex environment, IBM conducted a Global CHRO Study with nearly 600 face-to-face interviews with HR executivesRead… Read more »

Great Ideas to Build Momentum for Next Year’s CFC

Here are some lessons learned from this year’s record-breaking Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA) to advance your planning for the 2010 CFCNCA: 1. Schedule a post-campaign debrief with your department and agency leaders. Learn what sparks their enthusiasm. Take the opportunity to tell them how much their efforts affect the successRead… Read more »

To the Federal Donors in the National Capital Area: THANK YOU!

Total pledges were up more than 5 percent in 2009, exceeding 2008 contributions by $3.3 million. Federal employees also exceeded the 2009 campaign goal of $64 million by $2 million. The Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to all the generous Federal employees who madeRead… Read more »

CFCNCA Hits the $62 Million Mark

There is still time to help those who need it the most. The CFCNCA supports more than 4,000 approved local, national and international charities that reach out to millions of people with life-saving, life-enriching services. Use the online charity search to find CFC-supported agencies that may interest you. The CFCNCA ends on January 15, 2010Read… Read more »

The Needs are Greater Than Ever

It has been just two days since Haiti was devastated by a catastrophic earthquake, the worst in the region for 200 years and it is estimated that one third of the country’s 9 million people may need emergency help. Time and again, Federal employees have stepped up to help people and communities in need andRead… Read more »