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Diversity Matters to the Mission State Department veterans remember when the best way to describe their colleagues was “pale, male and Yale.” It wasn’t just State. At most federal departments, at the professional and managerial ranks, you found white men with similar backgrounds. Diversifying – employment, business ownership, contracting, college enrollment – as a movement followed the civil rightsRead… Read more »

What does the federal contract industry hold in store for the future? (part two)

What does the federal contract industry hold in store for the future? (part two), by Donna L. Quesinberry Continue reading on What does the federal contract industry hold in store for the future? (part two) – Washington DC government business | _______________________________ About the Author: Ms. Quesinberry, CEO-President of dpInk: DonnaInk Publications,Read… Read more »

Exclusive Podcast: Taylor & Crosetto Discuss GAO Hiring Initiatives, Goals, Challenges

Listen to an exclusive podcast, compliments of the Human Capital Management Federal (HCMF) Conference The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) is called the congressional watchdog for a reason: the organization investigates how the federal government spends taxpayer dollars. To achieve that goal, the GAO must employ and retain the best talent through strategic hiring practices.Read… Read more »

Capacity Building Resources for Nonprofits

I’d like to share a resource that you or some of the receipient organizations you work with might find helpful –! It was born out of the Compassion Capital Fund program which last made grants in 2009, and has tons of helpful info. Read on for more info….. The Compassion Capital Fund (CCF), administeredRead… Read more »

Modernizing Government

Most budget departments that inquire about our operating budgetsoftware use the same software to perform their budgeting that they use at home to perform other tasks. In many cases, jurisdictions are required to use outdated versions of software that is more limited in terms of functionality then the software they use at home. Many budgetRead… Read more »

Startups With Real Revenue Can Get Venture Capital by StartUpPro

I just read the Q1 2011 report from CB Insights, which shows venture capital is back. Overall, investors put $7.5 billion to work across 738 financing deals with U.S. startups. That represents a $1.5 billion jump in funding over the same quarter of 2010 with a similar number of deals, so it clearly shows aRead… Read more »

Geeks to Wonks – Call for Projects from #SXSH

As a follow on to the CKO/CHCO and KM discussions the other day that lamented some of the technical and policy gaps in implementing enterprise knowledge and learning solutions, just captured the following from Twitter which may be of interest to folks here to make connections on #opengov projects. See also:

The 5 Cs of Credit

The concept of borrowing money using collateral is called debt financing. Whenever a lender is considering financing a prospective client the very first hurdle that must be achieved is determining the borrower’s credit. It is important to provide ample information within and attached to a formal loan request that speaks to the potential credit question.Read… Read more »

NCTC – Pitch & Polish Clinics

Pitch & Polish The NCTC Access to Capital committee hosts monthly Pitch & Polish clinics that help tech-related companies prepare for raising Angel capital. How it works: It’s pretty simple actually. You get 10 minutes to pitch your idea/company. Then a panel of wise folks knowledgeable about early stage investing give you feedback about yourRead… Read more »

Special Message from Secretary Gary Locke

TO: All DOC Employees FROM: Secretary Gary Locke SUBJECT: Reminder: Your Participation in the 2010 Combined Federal Campaign is Still Needed! This is the last week for active Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA) solicitation. This morning we topped 93 percent of our $3.9 million target. Our goal is in sight. HaveRead… Read more »