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Recruitment 411: Serving Those Who Served

Today’s guest blogger is Jim Clifford, an executive with the IRS’s Wage and Investment division. He is the executive champion of the IRS Warrior Intern Program and the co-founder of the IRS Military Outreach for Service. As Veterans Day approaches, I begin to reflect more seriously on the question of how to repay a debtRead… Read more »

What’s Next for Your Career

A post by Patra Frame, ClearedJobs.Net’s HR Specialist Are you trying to figure out your next career step? Many folks with higher level clearances just move into another job that requires the clearance because it’s easy. Those with lower-level clearances face more difficulties when they discover it does not automatically get them many opportunities. ButRead… Read more »

Social Media for the Security Cleared Job Seeker, Twitter

Social media is now a common means of communicating, doing business and supporting career search and development. But as with everything there is a huge divide between those who adopted technology early and most of the rest of us. I was reminded on a recent family visit that there is still healthy skepticism, suspicion andRead… Read more »

Online resume secrets that get results

SUMMARY: Read my three-part blog series- Online Job Hunting with SEO- that gives insider tips on how to research, write and post a search-optimized resume that is guaranteed to attract recruiters and employers! With severe government budget cuts from Washington, DC, to Washington state, some government employees are finding they have to search for jobsRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: Through the eyes and heart of a soldier’s mom – Part 1

This is the first entry in our blog series with veteran recruiter and military mom Linda Ortiz, our colleague from the IRS Recruitment Office and today’s guest blogger. As patriotic holidays come and go annually – Veterans Day, Memorial Day and now the Fourth of July – I gaze up and down my street, hopingRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: Valuable Veterans

This week’s guest blogger is Ernie Beltz Jr. He is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, and has managed the veteran recruitment program for the Department of the Treasury and IRS for a year and a half. Below, he offers some suggestions to consider – or consider sharing – when your organization is looking to fillRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: A Tailor-made Website

Every so often, Recruitment 411 will feature a guest blogger. Today’s guest blogger is Shawn, who manages the IRS Careers website. We designed the IRS Careers website so visitors can easily find information about IRS jobs. The site includes four focus areas: pre-college, current students & recent grads, and experienced professionals, as well as peopleRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: Social Media Melting Pot

Social Media allows the IRS Recruitment Office to communicate and network with job applicants at any time and from any place. The key to our success is integration; every tool is part of a well-oiled social media machine. By using social media, the IRS accomplishes several important goals. First, we show the IRS is aRead… Read more »