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CityCamp Colorado Recap

The 2nd annual CityCamp Colorado was held on October 28, 2011, with about sixty participants from eighteen cities and counties around Colorado, several private IT sector leaders, members of academia, and the engaged public. (Cross posted from the Open Colorado website, Here’s a rundown of how the day went: Opening remarks from Tom Downey,Read… Read more »

Changing government culture the open source way

Can an entrenched bureaucracy, encumbered by a rigid culture and public records compliance adapt open source ways to collaborate more effectively? Is it like pulling teeth just to get people to share ideas? Is that devil’s advocate bringing your team down? If you want results, try something different. Use open communications and transparency with yourRead… Read more »

Creating a citizen movement for open government

Hi folks, I’m new to the GovLoop community. It was recommended that I post this here and get some feedback. Originally posted on The article is CC-BY-SA, attributions Jason Hibbets. How do you get techies, govies, and citizens to identify, collaborate, and start creating solutions for your local government? Host a CityCamp. It’s easierRead… Read more »

“I Don’t Care About Anyone But Me” – Hyper-Local Gov 2.0

As I’ve been sitting in on sessions at CityCamp Raleigh, there’s one recurring statement that I’ve heard: “I don’t care what’s going on in [insert neighboring town/city here]. I want information that’s directly relevant to me.” It’s really a variation of NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) – you and I are heartless about what’s happeningRead… Read more »

Notes from CityCamp Raleigh Day 2 Sessions

Community Supported Agriculture -Pay for share up front – $100 to $600-Fresh, safe food delivered to your neighborhood-“Human” Scale -Careful built ec-osystems to handle pest control -Means more jobs – small farms are labor intensive, more middle class small businesses-200 people, 100 people Adriel Hampton -San Fran has about 50 official Twitter accounts – it’sRead… Read more »

CityCamp Raleigh – Government Panel

I’m here at CityCamp Raleigh, live blogging today and tomorrow. Below are some notes from the first panel on “Government and Technology Industry Experts.” MODERATOR Kevin Curry, CityCamp Co-Founder PANELISTS Jerry Fralick, CIO for the State of North Carolina Adriel Hampton, Gov 2.0 Radio Gail Roper – City of Raleigh, Chief Information and Community RelationsRead… Read more »

Limits of Unconferences for Gov 2.0: What Next?

crossposted from Gov 2.0, in my advocacy, is use of emerging technologies to promote a more transparent, efficient and collaborative government. Gov 2.0, in its co-creations by citizens, bureaucrats and entrepreneurs, represents a dramatic remaking of traditional governance power structures through information sharing, low-cost and open source tools, and increased participation. As a massRead… Read more »