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How to Be the Best Leader

We expect a lot from our government. Despite frequent funding constraints, we still expect agencies to deliver quality results to the public. High expectations externally drive high ones internally. As a result, government agencies are incredibly mission-driven. So when employees in the public sector act, their managers expect those actions to directly align with theRead… Read more »

Agency Heads Need Mentors, Too

Top executives require advice about their leadership styles and operating environs – in government as well as in the private sector. How do they get it? Suzanne de Janasz and Maury Peiperl interviewed dozens of corporate executives over the past two years to understand how “new CEOs in large organizations gain access to seasoned counselRead… Read more »

Respect for Millennials

Our current generation of millennial professionals will make up the majority of the workplace in the next twenty years. Employers report millennials aren’t ready for work–that in management and leadership areas they only succeed because they are bright achievers. So far. We have the power to change that. It’s not anyone’s fault–everything is happening soRead… Read more »

What is Coaching, Teaching, Mentoring, Counseling?

Growing up in the Army, we would often use “coach, teach, mentor” in the same breath, yet make little distinction between the three. There are distinctions between those and in this blog I’ll add ‘counseling’ for comparison as well. The purpose here is to offer guidance on the most appropriate technique for talent development. We’llRead… Read more »

The Road to Transformational Leadership

This article outlines the four main qualities of a successful transformational leader. Here’s an interesting excerpt: “Research evidence clearly shows that groups led by transformational leaders have higher levels of performance and satisfaction than groups led by other types of leaders. Why? Because transformational leaders hold positive expectations for followers, believing that they can doRead… Read more »

How does a successful leader drive innovation?

This article offers unconventional tips to jumpstart business innovation. Using real examples from companies like Union Pacific, the article reinforces that the most effective leaders know when to think outside the box. Personally speaking, last week my consulting firm, Boxer Advisors, completed two projects that helped clients find original strategies to A: address transformationalRead… Read more »

The Evolution of Boxer Advisors

Boxer Advisors is constantly evolving to better serve our clients as a strategic thinking partner. Let me tell you about a few of our latest upgrades. First is our new corporate phone number, 301-896-9714. Please feel free to get in touch with me and my team—we want to know, where is your organization going andRead… Read more »