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Snip-Snip … More Pay & Benefits Cuts

Posted in the 4/17/2012 edition of FedSmith, Ian Smith shared the Senate’s Budget Committee’s plan. Speaking on the plan, the committee chairman said he would “begin a Budget Committee markup of a long-term budget for the nation. As my Chairman’s Mark, I will lay down the bipartisan Fiscal Commission plan, also known as the Bowles-SimpsonRead… Read more »

Tired of Sneak Attacks?

Buried in the Senate Highway Bill (Amendment #1826 to S.1813) is a sneak attempt to extend the Pay Freeze imposed on Federal employees for yet another year! Surprised? According to it’s author, Senator Pat Roberts, “This amendment includes a special deficit reduction trust fund … <that> would contain the savings from the energy production incentives,Read… Read more »

How Do you Feel About Sneaky? Lawmakers Lob Scud Two

Last night, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee approved to modify the federal pension system that would increase the amount government employees contribute to their pensions. Quietly tucked away into the 2012 American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act (aka: The Highway Bill), this stand-alone legislation (H.R. 3813 as incorporated into H.R. 7), would requireRead… Read more »

Keeping Track! The Next Scud Hits Federal Compensation

So many pieces of legislation and so little time for campaigners to come up with ways to inhibit/prohibit pay increases for Federal employees. Proposals are coming out of Washington like scud missiles but looking less like true, well-researched bills to address real concerns with Federal compensation. What’s next? Freezing promotions? Here’s an abridged list ofRead… Read more »

Tales Exaggerate Congressional Pay and Pensions

As long as I can remember, there has been a vague general rumbling that members of Congress collect exorbitant salaries and outrageous pensions and other benefits. The rumblings have changed form over the years, from idle gossip to organized viral email campaigns, but the substance remains. Despite efforts to spread the truth, many Americans stillRead… Read more »

BURNING QUESTION #1: Will Federal Pay Again be Frozen in 2012?

As the 2011 calendar year winds down, faint recollections of last year’s pay freeze dance in the minds of many Federal employees. Will it happen again this year? As the old 8-Ball says, “The answer points to ‘Yes’.” The Administration already proposed a 2-year pay freeze on Federal civlian salaries arguing that this was measureRead… Read more »

Show Me the Money, Salary and Benefits

A post by Patra Frame, ClearedJobs.Net HR Specialist When you are looking for a new job, a critical issues is pay and benefits. Yet too many of us don’t even think about these issues in advance. You need to or you may make simple mistakes with large dollar, long-term career consequences. So first, what constitutesRead… Read more »

Federal Employee Pay In The Spotlight Once Again

The report this time is that 77,000 federal employees earn more than the governors in their states. To give you an idea of the findings, Governor salaries ranged between $70,000 in Maine and $212,179 in California. Colorado had the most federal employees, with 10,875 workers having salaries higher than the state’s governor, who earned $90,000Read… Read more »

Pay-For-Performance? I Vote Not Yet

I am a true believer of the following statements: That government employee’s work for less than what they could earn in the private sector. That our best public sector employees should be compensated with the best paychecks. That pay-for-performance is a great concept that should be applied as an incentive to encourage great workplace performance.Read… Read more »

VA Must Restructure To Effectively Process Veterans Claims

Gregg Zoroya in an article which ran in the USA Today Newspaper on April 6, 2011 wrote about the VA backlog of claims increasing tremendously from 200,000 to a whopping 450,000 from 2009. He said in the article, that VA had expected an increase in claims and hired an additional 3000 employees, which brought theRead… Read more »