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Innovation Entrepreneurs Unite!

You have nothing to lose but your silos! Last month, nearly 200 enthusiastic innovators from more than two dozen federal agencies gathered to share ideas and inspire each other with stories of what they are doing in their agencies. Using “lightening round” presentations, nearly a dozen presenters shared their stories. Andy Feldman from the DepartmentRead… Read more »

The Inner Voice at Work

Organizations are collections of people—individuals who have an inner work lives. The inner work life is a complex set of processes affecting how individuals understand themselves and interact with others. While most of the inner work life is hidden, a great deal is revealed through patterns in behavior, which ultimately affect work, performance, and theRead… Read more »

Managing Bureaucratization

Controlling an organization is difficult. The larger the organization, the more complex is the process of control. We don’t think about it too much, but what we are trying to control are changes that naturally occur. The drivers of changes are many and can be hidden in the layers of the organization. The internal driversRead… Read more »

Leadership as an Agency’s Outcome

We often forget that the essence of an organization is its people. Public sector organizations are notorious for this oversight. If we expect them to be successful, innovative, and improve the organization, we need to focus on how we produce leaders and what we expect from the process. That being said, we should ask ourselvesRead… Read more »

Pay-For-Performance? I Vote Not Yet

I am a true believer of the following statements: That government employee’s work for less than what they could earn in the private sector. That our best public sector employees should be compensated with the best paychecks. That pay-for-performance is a great concept that should be applied as an incentive to encourage great workplace performance.Read… Read more »

Is Money the Right Metric For Government?

Listening to the media discuss our debt can be exhausting. Every day we are bombarded with huge dollar figures to be dealt with: $14.3 trillion in debt, $38 billion cut this year, $4 trillion proposed cut for 2012. Is that really the discussion that we should be focusing on? Is the 50,000 foot discussion whereRead… Read more »