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11 Rules for Using Government Email

On Monday, the New York Times reported that Hillary Clinton may have violated federal records laws when she used her personal email to conduct all of her official State Department business during her four years as Secretary of State. Federal law states that certain emails written or received by federal employees become government records andRead… Read more »

Synchronize Email With Your Other Marketing Channels

While email continues to rule the digital communication space [ADD STATISTIC HERE], marketers cannot afford to ignore the growing popularity of social channels as an opportunity to further the connection with their audience. Learn how to use other communication channels to increase your email reach and vice-versa.

Don’t Fight the Email Laws – Know Them!

You probably already know that email marketers must abide by certain laws when sending messages for any commercial reason. But did you know that the sending of messages on behalf of a government entity is governed by additional rules and regulations? Learn the fundamentals of these requirements and the basics for implementing them into your… Read more »

You Got the Right Stuff: Email Design Best Practices Checklist

Use this checklist of email design best practices to deliver messages that are not only tailored to your audience, but also look professional, function properly, and capture the attention of increasingly-busy and multi-device-connected constituents to invite opens, attract clicks, and inspire action.

The Power of the Drip Part 2: Email Personalization and Relevancy

Developing a clear picture of the types of email subscribers you have is key to tailoring your messages to address the specific needs of each audience member. This means abandoning the traditional approach that “blasts” the same, long message filled with disparate content to your entire audience on a pre-determined schedule and employing a new… Read more »

The Power of the Drip Part 1: Email Frequency and Timing

Drip marketing refers to an email strategy that sends a series of messages to an audience over time. Employing this method affects email frequency and timing. Because the focus is on syncing pre-planned messages with predictable audience actions or interests, the frequency/timing will vary from subscriber to subscriber.

The Confidentiality of Email

If you’re like me you felt the same sense of relief in response to the recent media reports of cybersecurity breaches as you felt the last time you joined a line of rubberneckers creeping past a fender-bender on the other side of the highway. At least it’s not me. Cyber attackers routinely go after internalRead… Read more »