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Enterprise Government: How the Next Administration Can Better Serve Citizens

In 2017, the next administration will set to work implementing the goals and priorities of the new President. Many of those priorities won’t line up neatly with the agency structure of the federal government, and achieving them will require that agencies work together as an “enterprise government” — collaborating and integrating programs and activities to… Read more »

10 Tips for Communicating Agency Goals to Your Employees

It’s important that leaders at all levels of an organization effectively communicate these goals with their employees. Clearly defining agency goals helps give employees direction and can energize their efforts if they understand what they are working toward. Here are ten tips on the best ways for communicating and engaging your employees in broader agency… Read more »

Mentorship: Harnessing the Force within You

Could Luke Skywalker harness his abilities without Yoda’s wisdom? Would the Banks family learn the importance of family without Mary Poppins? There are no shortage of mentor-mentee relationships in cinema. In these examples, the mentors provide insight to bring out the best in the mentees. Similarly, we can leverage the advantages of mentorships to get ahead and avoidRead… Read more »

Powered by Passion: How to Build Your Dream Career

Frank DiGiammarino is a man of many questions — a fact that quickly became evident within the first few minutes of his presentation. He posted a detailed list of career-related questions in front of the packed Next Generation of Government Training Summit audience gathered to hear his insights on career management. But there was oneRead… Read more »