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How-To: Build Awesome Apps With APIs of Gov’t Data

I asked the awesome team if there were any lessons learned from their experience building a cool from gov’t data. Things agencies and developers should be watching. 4 Lessons: 1 – Use platforms that have APIs – We used the Ideascale API ( Really the major lesson is for government to use platforms whichRead… Read more »

EPA Open Strategy & Request for Input

Yesterday, I spoke to Lisa Schlosser, EPA Director of Information Collection, on the recently and their request for input in their open government plan What excites you most about Open Government? Having the opportunity to reach out to so many members of the environmental community of interest is extremely exciting – we need engagementRead… Read more »

Best Practice – CDC Social Media Tools Guidelines

CDC Social Media Tools Guidelines & Best Practices The use of social media tools is a powerful channel to reach target audiences with strategic, effective and user-centric health interventions. To assist in the planning, development and implementation of social media activities, the following guidelines have been developed to provide critical information on lessons learned, bestRead… Read more »

Amver, there’s an app for that!

Are you trying to keep track of the rescue news, blog posts, Twitter stream, and other social media products Amver dishes out to you? No need to worry because today we announce the launch of our application on iTunes! Compatible with the iPhone and soon to be released iPad, the Amver app combines our blogRead… Read more »

Online Public Engagement – New Grant Program

Online public engagement is huge these days. All of the federal /open pages are launched with online public engagement tools soliciting feedback on how to do participation, transparency, and engagement. There’s been some pretty cool blogs on GovLoop about “making crowdsourcing successful” As this space unfolds, it’s been cool to see companies like Ideascale collaborateRead… Read more »

Project of the Week – Native Cultures 2.0

So much of the 2.0 part of the web is community in collaboration. One of the emerging questions with this technology and tools is – how does it benefit all Americans or help to reach traditionally underserved populations? What caught our attention this month is how native communities are using Web 2.0 tools to enhanceRead… Read more »

Spam Hyperlinks and Personal Information on Government Blogs

Here in Massachusetts, we moderate comments on all of our Commonwealth Conversations blogs. While our comment policies obviously lean heavily on the side of First Amendment rights, they’re in place to protect our employees, bloggers, readers, and commenters. When moderating comments, I think it’s natural to want to scan the comments for obvious violations (i.e.,Read… Read more »