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OSD Joins the Navy/Sole-Source Fray!

In the days since my last post, William J. Lynne, Deputy Secretary of Defense, signed a policy memorandum covering the use of internet-based capabilities — including social media. Because of this memo, I listened to a blogtalkradio broadcast of an interview with Price Floyd, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. During his interview, IRead… Read more »

Secure Use of Social Media, California Style

Lost in the shuffle last week when the DoD rolled out their social media policy was another similar rollout by the state of California (PDF here; LA Times Story here). “The more we increase the state’s online presence to enhance communication and transparency, the better we are able to serve Californians,” said Teri Takai, California’sRead… Read more »

DoD Publishes a Common Sense Approach to Social Media

The long awaited Department of Defense Social Media policy was announced with much fanfare Friday and it is an incredibly well thought out common sense approach that has public affairs officers world wide rejoicing. It has been a long time coming for the evangelists of new media in the ranks who have been battling forRead… Read more »

Enterprise 2.0: What’s In It For Us?

While many Internet companies are still trying to figure out how to make money with Web 2.0, where it’s really taking off is the enterprise. Often referred to as Enterprise 2.0, this is the sweet spot for businesses – using social technology to empower your existing employees. Social applications let employees connect across organizations, andRead… Read more »

DOD Releases Gov 2.0 Policy for Responsible and Effective Use of Internet-Based Capabilities

Congratulations to all the people inside and outside of DoD and government service who brought us to this point. Following is the news release from the DoD’s press room and a link to the full memo. DOD Releases Policy for Responsible and Effective Use of Internet-Based Capabilities Today the Department of Defense released a policyRead… Read more »

Crowdsourcing DNA – Realizing that each engagement has its own footprint

First, the definition that we have at PubliVate of crowdsourcing can be narrow in comparison to how others use the term. The story I read and am referencing and talking about below would not necessarily be something that we see a lot of in our engagements, as of yet. But…we certainly consider that it isRead… Read more »

How social media helped save our bacon

We have never doubted that the public loves us. With 7 million visitors each year, we know folks love and value Virginia’s state parks. But, knowing they care and rallying support are two different things. More than ten years ago the Virginia Association for Parks was formed to support state and national parks in Virginia.Read… Read more »

Co-creation, ideation, and other -ations at the federal government level

I had the pleasure of participating on Government 2.0 radio last night, chatting about collaboration, innovation and social media in Government ( One of the most interesting items we discussed was the Federal Agency Ideascale Dashboard (, which you should check out regardless of your interest in government 2.0 initatives. Here is why: * ThisRead… Read more »

Why I Tweet? Amplifying Messages & Obtaining Results

Disclaimer: The post below was originally sent to a mailing list of people that are less familiar with social media tools, hence the basic explanatory nature of how Twitter works throughout the post. Lately there have been many articles and interviews, mostly from senior leaders, explaining why they use social media tools. Most of thoseRead… Read more »

Facilitation and bringing the lurkers out of the shadows.

This post was partly prompted by Andrew’s discussion of lurkers here. Next week, the IDeA will be hosting an online conference on online facilitation – Facilitation Now! . ( I’m really pleased to be a contributor on Thursday the 25th in a session on online conferences.) I’m really looking forward to the conference because evenRead… Read more »