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Top 9 Things I Learned in Berlin

So I’m in Berlin this week talking to folks in Germany about social networks and collaborations. In the course of conversations and beers, I learned a ton about how public service works over here in Germany. Here’s 9 things I found interesting: 1) 41 hours per week – Professional civil servants work 41 hours perRead… Read more »

“I Don’t Care About Anyone But Me” – Hyper-Local Gov 2.0

As I’ve been sitting in on sessions at CityCamp Raleigh, there’s one recurring statement that I’ve heard: “I don’t care what’s going on in [insert neighboring town/city here]. I want information that’s directly relevant to me.” It’s really a variation of NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) – you and I are heartless about what’s happeningRead… Read more »

CityCamp Raleigh – Government Panel

I’m here at CityCamp Raleigh, live blogging today and tomorrow. Below are some notes from the first panel on “Government and Technology Industry Experts.” MODERATOR Kevin Curry, CityCamp Co-Founder PANELISTS Jerry Fralick, CIO for the State of North Carolina Adriel Hampton, Gov 2.0 Radio Gail Roper – City of Raleigh, Chief Information and Community RelationsRead… Read more »

The War – Knowledge Mgmt & Social Media – FREE Training – 6/9

***Register for June’s Free GL Training on Knowledge Mgmt & Social Media – 6/9 at 2pm est** It’s funny. A couple years ago I was in charge of a social media platform inside my agency for internal use amongst employees. At the time, I thought of it as a social media project or specifically anRead… Read more »

How to Increase Fans, Followers, and Subscribers

I gave a talk last week at National Association of Government Communicators called “How to Increase Fans, Followers, and Subscribers” I’ve attached the presentation below. How to increase View more presentations from GovLoop. What’s your tip? How have you increase the # of email subscribers you have, Facebook fans, Twitter followers? Favorite

GL Train – Today 4/28 at 2pm – Evolution of My Computing – From 286 to Tablet

**GL Training – 4/28 at 2pm – HP and GovLoop present The 21st Century Desktop – Free Registration** I still remember the first day my dad brought home a computer. Honestly, I had no idea what it was and what it was for. I don’t think he truly did – other than he thought itRead… Read more »

Open311, SeeClickFix, San Francisco and Estonia

The San Francisco City Attorney’s Office (where I work on civil law investigations and social media initiatives) this week launched a local campaign to tackle illegal dumping and graffiti, using SeeClickFix and a range of 311 services to encourage smartphone and Web reporting of neighborhood blight. The “Let’s Do It SF!” initiative also has aRead… Read more »

Facebook and Fort Bragg: Two Powerful Forces Unleashed?

This Thursday, Fort Bragg is trying something new: live interaction with citizens via Facebook. Here’s an excerpt from an article in the Fayetteville Observer: Fort Bragg leaders will answer questions live Thursday on Facebook, the popular social-networking site that until 2009 was blocked on many military computer networks. “We’re hoping specifically to have interaction withRead… Read more »

Don’t Confuse the Genre for the Medium

Neal Ungerleider wrote a a funny piece on Fast Company about the State Department’s new Tumblr blog this morning, including a few suggestions on how the State Department could be more Tumblry by jumping on some of Tumblr’s most popular trends. It’s a great piece of writing, and it also says exactly what I wasRead… Read more »