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26 Stats about Women in Government

When we started GovFem, we received a lot of positive feedback (thanks!). But we also got a few questions from GovLoopers about how much progress women have made in government, what resources they have, and what the future looks like for female govies. To give you a better idea of what the landscape looks like for… Read more »

Succeeding as a Young Woman on the Hill

Through GovFem, we want to highlight the challenges women face in government. We also want to highlight the women who are tackling those issues everyday. To start us off, I sat down with Ellen Schrantz who works as counsel in the House of Representatives. Ellen is kicking off our spotlight series for two reasons. First… Read more »

Welcome to GovFem

Here at GovLoop, we spend a lot of time thinking about the characteristics, needs, and goals of our community. At a recent brainstorming session, we started listing some of these attributes. I noticed that a lot of our ideas—things like breaking into the boy’s club, balancing family planning with career planning, or combatting workplace sexism—were… Read more »