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Three Surprises about the Federal Workforce

This week I’m attending Federally Employed Women’s National Training Program in New Orleans.  The conference offers a myriad of training and development opportunities, but I decided to start off my day with an overview of “What All Feds need to Know about the Workforce.” The presenter, Jamie Neidig, Practice Director for Human Resources and Human CapitalRead… Read more »

Our Journey to Excellence

As you might remember, we spoke with Karen Rainey and Michelle Crockett in previous GovFem articles (see this article and this article) about how and why they got involved in Federally Employed Women (FEW), an advocacy and training non-profit organization for women in federal government. They both explained the power of in-person training and theRead… Read more »

Empower Women through Compliance Training

The government provides numerous safeguards against gender discrimination in federal employment. However, those securities are often neglected or discarded by uninformed employees who don’t know their rights or how to access them within the government bureaucracy. Nicole Mason, Esq. hopes to change that by educating federally employed women about their rights. Mason serves as ViceRead… Read more »

National Training for Federally Employed Women

As we’ve said in earlier GovFem posts, professional women benefit from having a strong network, increased training opportunities, and a forum to discuss their specific career needs. But, in this ever-changing, fast-paced microwave society, it can be challenging to reach these objectives, especially because today’s woman is expected to simultaneously focus on the day-to-day demandsRead… Read more »

Advocating and Training with Federally Employed Women

Through GovFem, I’ve been privileged to meet a number of outstanding leaders in the field of government diversity. I’ve also been exposed to a number of amazing organizations that are advocating for and training women to succeed in the public sector. Most recently, I spoke with Michelle Crockett, President of Federally Employed Women (FEW), aRead… Read more »

Grading the 113th Congress: Incomplete

It’s been a few years since burning bras and the women’s rights movement, but women still face inequality issues. Whether it’s the glass ceiling or unequal pay, women are subjected to certain gender-based moves in the workplace. And organizations like Federally Employed Women (FEW) strive to combat this type of gender-discrimination within federal agencies. ChrisRead… Read more »