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6 Halloween Costumes to Celebrate Women in Gov

Still don’t have a Halloween costume? That’s ok! We’ve come up with six costume ideas that you can probably pull from your own closet. The best part? Each of these costumes celebrates an accomplished woman in government. Pick your favorite and show your support for ladies in the public sector! Madeleine Albright If you happen toRead… Read more »

Mentor, Coach, or Champion?

If you’re a professional woman working in government, I will bet big money that you have been told at least once that you should find yourself a mentor. It’s inevitably the go-to advice that I hear passed around when someone is facing career challenges or indecision. Honestly, it’s not bad advice. Here at GovLoop, weRead… Read more »

Handling the Current Salary Question

What is your current salary? It’s the dreaded question of every job offer and salary negotiation. Many recruiters use this number as an anchor for salary negotiations, rather than the market value for the position you’re seeking to fill. But if you’re looking to make more money in your new role (and really, who isn’t?),Read… Read more »