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Data Rich, Analysis Poor

Oakland has a new School Superintendent. I like him, partly because of the following statement he dropped at a meeting of the Youth Ventures Joint Powers Authority recently. All the city and county heavy-hitters were there, discussing the possibility of hiring an out-of-state firm to do a data report on Oakland. There was much debateRead… Read more »

“Goodnight Sweet Possum.” Participatory Urbanism the Boston Way

As we become an increasingly urban species the challenges related to growing numbers of people occupying finite spaces becomes an acute concern. The friction generated as we rub elbows can make us all uncomfortable. I found out at an event last week that when it comes to moderating these challenges while running the sixth mostRead… Read more »

GovBytes: NC Now Checking Out E-Library Books

An article in GovTech last Friday reported that public libraries in North Carolina are now checking out e-library books. The North Carolina Digital Library Consortium released a collection that can be downloaded directly from the library onto the patron’s Kindle or Kindle reading app. While this service is more convenient for the public, it isRead… Read more »

GovBytes: First Responders Using Wi-Fi to Save Seconds and Lives

According to an article over at GovTech, an Emergency Medical Services Division in Rowan, N.C., has equipped all of its ambulances with Wi-Fi platforms that transmit valuable information to doctors before arriving at the hospital.The information sends vital signs, heart rhythms (to detect for potential heart attack), and brings up patient medical history. “Also insideRead… Read more »

GovBytes: A Workplace Without Email?

Could you imagine doing your job without email? Many of us spend a large portion of our working hours sending and responding to messages, but that could all change. According to a new survey by Robert Half Technology, a majority of CIOs believe that real-time communication tools, like instant messaging, will eventually supplant workplace email.Read… Read more »

GovBytes: California to Launch Electronic Traffic Ticket Pilot

The California Highway Patrol would like to eliminate paper traffic tickets in favor of an e-ticket system that would save time, money, and cut back on clerical errors.The state is launching a pilot program to test a series of hand-held devices to administer traffic citations, according to Government Technology. Aside from eliminating the need toRead… Read more »

GovTech: New Facebook App Connects Citizens to Government

Government Technology reported that citizens in Burleson, Texas, now have another way to connect with government. A new Facebook application was developed to make it easier for citizens to report and request services from their local government. The Facebook application is called the Citizen Request Tracker (CRT). Public administrators in Burleson have seen an increaseRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Atlanta Ranked Most Telework-Friendly City

According to recent Microsoft report Work Without Walls, Atlanta is the most telework-friendly city in America. Organizations are increasingly giving workers the option of teleworking, but employees in Atlanta teleworked five days a month on average. That’s one more day a month than the national average. Dallas, Phoenix, Seattle, and Denver also topped the listRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Do You Know the Difference Between Cloud Computing and Virtualization?

Confused about cloud computing and virtualization? Apparently you’re not alone. Nearly two-thirds of state and local government employees felt that there was confusion in their organizations over the meaning of cloud computing and virtualization, according to a recent article in Government Technology: “The survey was surprising,” said Paul Christman, Quest Software’s vice president for stateRead… Read more »