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Sustainability in Government

The GAO released a new report yesterday called Opportunities to Reduce Potential Duplication in Government Programs, Save Tax Dollars, and Enhance Revenue. It could start a very productive conversation or become a political football. Those of us who have worked in government, believe in organizational collaboration, change and innovation have seen many redundant and duplicativeRead… Read more »

Green City Streets – Web 2.0 for Sustainable Transport

Just started a blog called Green City Streets ( The blog’s purpose is to explore the application of Web 2.0 techniques to create more sustainable transportation systems. It’s a topic I have been interested in for many years; here are a few of my papers on the subject: An Integrated Web 2.0 Approach for ImprovingRead… Read more »

HR=Humans Represent: Be A Saint to the Environment this St. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is big business…and it has a big impact on our environment. They say that 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are sold each year, and the holiday takes the #1 spot for fresh flower purchases, with around a billion valentines sent out each year. Those billion cards, if you were to lay themRead… Read more »

LAUNCH: We know WHY. Do you?

Last week, we held our West Coast LAUNCHpad Salon with the LAUNCH team to talk lessons learned from two successful events, LAUNCH:Water and LAUNCH:Health; and start planning LAUNCH:Energy. The Cazneau Group, one of our implementation partners, hosted the Salon at their offices in Sausalito, California. Great conversation, great setting, great food. But best of all,Read… Read more »

Are the Federal Building’s Lights Costing You?

I just stumbled on an article that claims that Federal Buildings leave lights on all night long. In some cases monthly electric bills were over 1 MILLION DOLLARS. Is there a good explanation for why the lights are left on? Or is this really a WASTE OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS? If there is a valid reason,Read… Read more »

The Science of Green: Bioprospecting

We’ve often heard that nature holds the solutions to many things. From various diseases to energy constraints, scientists have searched from the desert to the rain forest for nature’s solutions to today’s problems. It should come as little surprise, then, to find that DOE researchers have become, in their own words, “bioprospectors.” These scientists areRead… Read more »

Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred Program

Did you know there are more than 19,000 biobased products commercially available? Created by legislation in 2002, expanded in 2008, and managed by the Department of Agriculture, the BioPreferred program promotes the use of biobased products. As designated by DOA, “biobased products” are commercial or industrial goods (other than food or feed) composed in wholeRead… Read more »

Need a New Year’s Resolution? Go Green!

I’ve made it a point in recent years to not lose track of my New Year’s resolutions from the previous January, so I can look back at them in December. And while this may not be the forum to discuss how successful I was in cleaning up our basement, I am proud to report thatRead… Read more »

Mobile Virtual Platforms – Possible sea change

(PingBack to original post on There have been a few recent developments that have individually generated an aggregate reaction somewhat equivalent to “Meh” (although the specialty markets and analysts have been abuzz). However, taken together, I think they can form the platform basis for a Sea Change in mobile platforms. Of course, aRead… Read more »

HR=Humans Represent: Give Thanks by Going Green this Thanksgiving

Another year has gone by, and it is time to sit back, reflect, and give thanks. I’m sure at the top of your thankful list is family, friends, your great government job, and the food on your table. However, why not give thanks to the planet that makes all these things possible? I suggest weRead… Read more »