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The Importance of “Diversity Thinking” — and Compliance

All federal employees should be mindful of the importance of workforce diversity, especially federal managers. Executive Order 13583 was signed by President Obama in August 2011: Establishing a Coordinated Government-wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce. According to E.O. 13583: “Our Nation derives strength from the diversity of its population andRead… Read more »

2013 Inclusion Summit

Creating Innovation & Competitive Advantage with Cultural Competence & Diversity An organization with diversified talent is an organization with amazing potential for collaboration, innovation and heightened productivity. However, only organizations that practice inclusion can tap into the full potential of a diverse workforce. Defining inclusion is one thing but having a culture that embodies itRead… Read more »

Federal Focus: Disability Employment Awareness

In case you were unaware, October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, as designated by the Federal Government and recognized by state and local governments. Yet most savvy employers should already know by now that fostering workplace diversity and inclusion for all simply makes good business sense, especially in the 21st century. The business communityRead… Read more »

MYTHS & FACTS: Federal Sector EEO Process

Background: Some recent commentary and conjecture have taken aim at the federal sector equal employment opportunity (EEO) complaint process. Following are facts to aid in demystifying the “myths”: MYTH: Discrimination is found in less than 2 percent of EEO complaints. FACT: Discrimination may occur in up to 33 percent of EEO cases. The 2-3 percentRead… Read more »

Federal Conference on Diversity: The 10 lenses of cultural identity

When it comes to really fostering diversity at an organization, the old frameworks just don’t cut it anymore. New approaches are needed. That according to author Mark Williams, who used humor and wit to get his message about the 10 lenses of cultural diversity across at today’s Federal Conference on Diversity. Demographics – age, gender,Read… Read more »

Diversity Matters to the Mission State Department veterans remember when the best way to describe their colleagues was “pale, male and Yale.” It wasn’t just State. At most federal departments, at the professional and managerial ranks, you found white men with similar backgrounds. Diversifying – employment, business ownership, contracting, college enrollment – as a movement followed the civil rightsRead… Read more »

The Executive Think Tank Conference on Diversity & Inclusion has taken on an incredible momentum

The focus of the Thought Leadership Executive Level Think Tank Training session is compliance with Executive Order 13583 and Executive Order 13548 on diversity and inclusion in the federal sector and strategies and best practices for diversity and inclusion within industry and other fields. Supervisors/Executives (thought leaders, influencers & visionaries) from government, private sector, nonRead… Read more »

Council of Federal EEO & Civil Rights Executives To Host Think Tank/Training on EO 13583 Diversity & Inclusion

The Council of Federal EEO and Civil Rights Executives will host the executive level Thought Leadership Think Tank & Training Conference on Diversity & Inclusion, Civility and Bias. The focus of the conference is compliance with Executive Order 13583, which establishes a coordinated Government-wide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the federal sector, andRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: How Would You Promote Diversity and Inclusion At Work?

Could your agency be doing a better job fostering diversity during the hiring process? Or maybe your agency does a good job recruiting diverse candidates but struggles with retention or employee development. While there are already structures in place to promote fair hiring, the White House wants the Federal workforce to become “a model ofRead… Read more »