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Old Faithful Goes Digital: Google’s Partnership with The U.S. National Park Service

When the government shut down in October 2013, employees were furloughed, websites were sent offline, and delivery of important government services was interrupted. These were all difficult consequences for our nation. Yet, the one effect of the shutdown that seemed to foster the most frustration was an unexpected one: the closing of our national parks.Read… Read more »

3 Ways GIS is Powering Civic Engagement Initiatives

The following post highlights our latest guide on GIS, The Mapping Revolution: Incorporating Geographic Information Systems in Government. The report features case studies and best practices from the Census Bureau, and United States Department of Agriculture and insights from Esri President, Jack Dangermond. (Download PDF or view online below). This blog post is anRead… Read more »

Public Sector Data and Google Maps Powers Trulia Local

Earlier this month Trulia released a fascinating visualisation option using Google Maps. The feature allows users to view property values, home values, rental prices, calculate commute times, schools, identify points of interest, natural hazards and view crime data. In order to power this new feature, Trulia leveraged public sector data from USGS and FEMA. InRead… Read more »

Maps: Where Design and Data Meet

Maps: Where Design and Data Meet From store locators to Google navigation tools, interactive maps have become an integral part of our daily lives. Maps are also appearing more frequently on organization websites. Visualizing information in a geographical framework can be a powerful tool for advocacy, government and educational groups. And, in the past coupleRead… Read more »

Changing cultural mindset on mapping processes

I am interested in receiving feedback on how to implement the use of process maps throughout an organization. My office has done a great job and we have process maps for every action – these have helped greatly with new hires and we constantly review for changes resulting in higher efficiencies. Other offices within ourRead… Read more »

Wall maps

I’m doing a personal project which requires wall maps to provide people information on services for their area. I’m looking for wall maps that have street level details for Northern Virginia communities. What is the best place to purchase local area street maps that may be laminated and posted on bulletin boards? I’m looking forRead… Read more »