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Strategies to Increase Digital Literacy and Accessibility

Microsoft had an interesting blog series all surrounding the digital divide, accessibility and strategies to help overcome the digital divide. The digital divide can be looked at through multiple lenses – but at the core, the digital divide relates to accessibility for all. The Microsoft series identifies a 2010 IDC study that finds 50% ofRead… Read more »

Rahm Emanuel Launches Chicago “Early College” STEM High Schools

Mark Drapeau (Washington, DC) — Rahm Emanuel, flanked with executives from five large technology companies, announced the formation of five innovative “early college STEM schools,” which are six-year high schools focused on preparing students for a modern, information-laden, tech-savvy future workforce. Students will also have the opportunity to be “first in line” for interviews withRead… Read more »

Microsoft Hosts Public Sector CIO Summit

Mark Drapeau (Redmond, WA) — This week at Microsoft’s main campus in Redmond, WA (just outside Seattle), the company will host chief information officers and other IT professionals from the federal government, state and local governments, and the education and health communities. The event is called the U.S. Public Sector CIO Summit. For two daysRead… Read more »

Using Technology Infrastructure to Solve Public Sector Challenges: Microsoft Blog Series

Microsoft is just wrapping up a blog series across all their public sector verticals. With the blog series, Microsoft is hoping to inspire visionary and transfomative ideas across the public sector. Microsoft stated: Our goal with this series is to create inspiration across public sector with visionary ideas, fueled by technology. We aim to encourageRead… Read more »

My Cup of IT: Virtualization Tastes Good

By Steve O’Keeffe — Looking for savings in Federal IT. Cooking up Cloud. Dicing up your Data Centers. Not to make light of these strategic plays, but they’re not exactly putting food on the table today. So, how can Uncle Sam ring the dinner bell on RoI? A new study, “The Virtualization Vacuum,” pointsRead… Read more »

Don’t Mess with My Outlook!

People hate change – it’s hard-wired into our lizard brains. Change is unpredictable, potentially life threatening. Which explains why you’re afraid to try Google Apps. You’ve spent years getting to know Outlook. GMail might kill you! Okay, so the whole life preservation thing may be a little out of proportion. But still, you like Outlook?Read… Read more »

SharePoint Security: How to Harness the Power of Claims to Protect Information

In SharePoint 2010, Microsoft introduced support for a claims-based identity model. Claims can be used in SharePoint 2010 to enhance security in two different ways. First, they can enhance authentication in SharePoint by going beyond traditional authentication methods to verify additional information about users. Claims can also greatly enhance authorization specifically within the SharePoint 2010Read… Read more »

Work is what you do, not where you go.

Gone are the days when inclement weather and traffic kept hard working government workers from being productive. It’s no longer about where you work, but what you do. Microsoft recently conducted a survey that asked government workers to give their insight into the world of telework. Well, the results are in and I am fascinatedRead… Read more »

Head in the Cloud? So are Some States…almost!

The Sacramento GovUp last week was no different than all the other GovUp‘s GovLoop has hosted; full of great ideas, an eager movement forward and an opportunity to network with people at all levels of government. Scott Gregory, California’s newest Geographic Information Officer, brought many great ideas to the table that are both aggressive andRead… Read more »