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NASA: Reframing Risk With Curiosity

Risk is more than a four-letter word in government. There’s often wariness about taking on too much risk, which is understandable, because agencies are playing with hard-earned taxpayer dollars. And it’s not like IT leaders can just ask for a few more millions because of an errant project. Asking for more money means raising theRead… Read more »

Journey of Discovery: Interview with Dr. Ellen Stofan, NASA Chief Scientist

Dr. Ellen Stofan joined me on The Business of Government Hour to explore her role, NASA’s science priorities, efforts at promoting science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, and space science successes. Here’s an overview of our conversation.

Meet the Govie Using You to Innovate

We all have the potential to solve some of the hard hitting problems the government faces on a daily basis. However, there is oftentimes no mechanisms in place to foster such open innovation. Fortunately, there are govies like Jenn Gustetic who are pushing the bounds of open innovation and involving citizens in the government problem… Read more »