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3 Skills To Learn at Next Generation of Government

So I’m super excited about the GovLoop/Young Government Leaders Next Generation of Government Summit July 6 & 7th. We are already at almost 200 registrants of the raddest, smartest, government innovators and it’ll be a blast. Make sure to register soon before it sells out There are lots of skills I hope people learn atRead… Read more »

Top 10: Topics NOT to Discuss with Your Coworkers

The Top Ten Topics You MIght NOT Want to Share with All Your Coworkers from Lady Dianne 1. Off color or racially charged jokes and comments (includes gay, lesbian, religious, ethnic, disability or blonde jokes) 2. Wild weekends or hangovers 3. Politics or religion 4. Intimate details of life (includes relationships) 5. Personal problems andRead… Read more »

Retro Flashback: Next Generation Government Will Be Mobile

One year ago, I published a post entitled “Next Generation Government: Mobile, Measurable and Malleable.“ As the Next Generation of Government Summit fast approaches, I thought I’d dust off this blog post and play it again to spark discussion in advance of the event. I’m going to run it as a series – breaking itRead… Read more »

Watch out…Here Comes the Next Generation of Government

Here Comes the Next Generation of Government…(Learn more 7/6-7/7) The next generation of government is coming. And it’s coming fast. I’ve been following these changes since I came to work to the federal government in 2004 fresh out of University of Pennsylvania on a Department of Homeland Security fellowship. As the son of a careerRead… Read more »

My notes from Harvard Biz Review Leadership Articles

So I was reading a bunch of Harvard Business Review articles this weekend and thought I’d share my notes. 1. Gardner, John W. “The Road to Self-Renewal.” Stanford Alumni Magazine. March 1994: 32-35. This was a great article written by an 80-year old who had been in numerous cabinet level gov’t positions, CEO positions forRead… Read more »

What’s the ROI? 9 Practical Skills You Will Learn at NGG

GovLoop has teamed up with Young Government Leaders to launch Next Generation of Government Summit, July 6 & 7. More information and this blog appear at Working in government, you often get the question “What’s the ROI?” Or “If I send you to that training or conference, what will you learn and bring backRead… Read more »

What’s the Next Generation of Government?

We are super excited at GovLoop to partner with Young Government Leaders on the Next Generation of Government Summit. Ever since I joined government in 2004, I’ve been passionate about creating the future of government service – from creating and connecting future leaders to reimagining how to deliver services. This is the first-ever conference forRead… Read more »

Why Government Has a Hard-Time Recruiting at Harvard

Great article on why Harvard kids go to work to Wall Street and not public service jobs. Short story..not money or work. It’s – the process is straight-forward and easy. Here’s a quote “it is simply easier to get a corporate firm job than any other job. By contrast, it’s hard to get aRead… Read more »