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Top 5: Set-Ups for Success Using Social Media for HR

A couple weeks ago, I spoke at the Western Region IPMA-HR Annual Conference in San Diego. The conference theme was “Navigating New Horizons,” so I tried to have some fun with the nautical metaphor, as demonstrated by these slides. NOTE: If you’ve seen my slides before, this is all new material! View more presentations fromRead… Read more »

Mickey’s 10 Commandments – Tips from a Disney Imagineer

Last week, Bowen Moran asked, “What Would Walt Do?” as a launching pad for discussing the leadership style of Walt Disney. Yesterday, I had the privilege of hearing a keynote speech by Disney Legend Marty Sklar at the IPMA-HR Western Region conference. One of the original Imagineers working with Walt Disney in the early 1950s,Read… Read more »

GovReads! The First 90-Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels

If you’ve started a new position, transitioned into a new role, or planning on making a move in the near future, I’d recommend reading , “The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at all Levels” by Michael Watkins. Michael Watkins is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. ThisRead… Read more »

So You Hired a Gen Y – Now Get The Most Out of Them Through The Gen Y Recruitment and Retention Lifecycle™!

We can’t escape the fact that Gen Y/Millennials are going to transform the workplace over the next five years. By 2014 there will be more than 58 million Millennials employed in various organizations in the U.S. alone. Employers must begin adapting to the challenge of these generations to remain sustainable. Having cross generational strategies forRead… Read more »

Government: Recruit the Internet-Savvy (Dave Briggs)

Originally published by Dave Briggs at DavePress The Telegraph has an interesting article today: MI5 dumps spies who can’t use Facebook and TwitterPatrick Mercer, chairman of the Parliamentary subcommittee on counter-terrorism, told the Daily Mail: “As terrorism changes, counter-terrorism officers have to adapt to keep up. “Our enemies use every available method to attack includingRead… Read more »

NASPAA on Fixing Graduate Student Hiring

Great white paper by the folks at NASPAA on fixing graduate student hiring in the federal government Personally I do see there is a great opportunity to take the PMF program and expand and make more of flagship program like Teach for America. The federal government is losing a lot of great talent by notRead… Read more »

The Government is Hiring

(The original post can be found at WiseBread written by Jason Kay) With unemployment hitting some scary levels as of late there seems to be one entity that is almost unaffected by the trend; the government. The government is not only continuing its strong hiring that it conducts each year, but bucking the employment trend.Read… Read more »

How-To: Not Dress for Spring and Summer at Work!

Well folks it is starting to be that time again in Washington, DC, when everyone starts taking off their clothes and showing their bodies. So in preparation for this event in the workplace. Just think about this “How Not to Dress no-no” (not good for your professional image). We are coming into the seasons ofRead… Read more »