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Stop changing the way people work!

It has occurred to me more and more recently that trying to get people to change the way they work is a pointless exercise and pretty hard work really especially if what you are suggesting challenges what they stand for and the very role they have become experts in over a number of years. InRead… Read more »

How do you balance work and pleasure for yourself, and for those that you lead?

My weekly leadership question comes on Thursday this week, thanks to the last two busy days at the GovSec conference in Washington, DC. Bill Annibell asked us on GovLoop earlier this week, “Are you a Workaholic?” He seems to have gotten, shall we say, a plentiful response (please have a look and share your thoughtsRead… Read more »

How To Check Out Your Supervisor

What Do You Know About Your Supervisor? Establishing a positive productive relationship with your supervisor is one of the most important factors in achieving career success. Understanding how your supervisor thinks and works is the key to building a productive partnership. The answers to the following questions may give you insight into how your supervisorRead… Read more »

So you are a GS-Whatever; get over it

Congratulations! You landed a job with the Federal government. You are a GS-14, or a GS-12, or whatever. You may even supervise some people. You worked hard to get where you are and you are not going to let the stigma that Federal employees are the enemy get you down. But remember this- you areRead… Read more »