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NIST’s Grant at Center of New ID System

Jeremy Grant, senior executive advisor for ID management to the Information Technology Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, has a very large task. He is responsible for establishing a program office for the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, or NSTIC. Find out more about how Grant is working to keepRead… Read more »

Political Spending Order is a Dud

President Obama’s executive order, “Disclosure of Political Spending ByGovernment Contractors” appears to have some flaws. The purpose of theorder is to ensure that contracting decisions are “merit-based” and are “freefrom undue influence of factors extraneous to the underlying merits ofcontracting decision-making…” Nobody can argue with that, but the reportingabout political contributions by contractors that theRead… Read more »

WikiLeak Proof

Originally published on 10 Dec 2010 at ECM Gov Blog. The latest WikiLeaks release and subsequent media storm has caused me to think about the role that ECM plays in content security. When all of our records were on paper, they were easily lost, compromised, copied, and destroyed. However, in the digital age, when weRead… Read more »

National Institute of Standards and Technologies Encourages Greater Online Participation in Upcoming Advisory Board Meetings, Nov 3-5

Are you interested in online privacy and cybersecurity? Now, you can watch government and industry experts discuss these issues in upcoming Federal Advisory Board Meetings being held November 3-5. You can tune-in live and submit your views and concerns directly to Board Members. This is government transparency and citizen participation at it’s finest! The NationalRead… Read more »

Mitigation = Successful Preparedness, Resiliency and Recovery

Mitigation = Successful Preparedness, Resiliency and Recovery Disasters have a very significant impact on our Nation and the world. This topic will focus primarily on one specific type of disaster and hazard within the United States, but it does not diminish the impact of this type disaster or other hazards on a global scale andRead… Read more »

“Ask Your Government”: Web 2.0 facilitates dialog between Citizens and Federal agencies

Check out the new blog by Ed O’Keefe ( “Ask Your Government,” where U.S. citizens ask questions and Federal agencies have the opportunity to provide answers using video clips that are imbedded within the blog. The NIST Weights and Measures Division and Metric Program were just featured Excerpt: The latest answer comes in responseRead… Read more »