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Personal Identity vs. Political Correctness

What qualifies anyone to dialogue as a subject matter expert on political correctness? What exactly does political correctness mean in the context of a United States government employee’s concerns? Should political correctness be a factor in public anything? These are all tough, complex questions. And while it may be incredibly ambitious to tackle them, this… Read more »

3 Reasons to Care About Defense Budgets

Home security and personal security are subjects everyone can relate to, and safely assumed to share the same level of importance to most people. While we might not conscientiously put thought into foiling a burglary or assault, we do in fact take steps to enable successful prevention of crime…we take steps to protect ourselves. As… Read more »

Prohibition Yields Innovation

Perhaps the most popular example of average Americans resisting authority came during the Prohibition Era of 1920-1933. Putting aside the imagery of movies like The Untouchables, moonshine & home breweries took on bigger, albeit clandestine, role in American innovation. Also of note during prohibition, production of sacramental wine for churches rose by hundreds of thousands… Read more »

Survivor: Cubicle Farm

Also no surprise, the business community, whether private sector or government-based, tends to focus on the knowledge, skills and abilities related to job performance or career development. But rare is the job advertisement that warns: Successful applicants should be prepared to remain seated for biologically unnatural periods of time.