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You Can Have it Both Ways — Centralized and Decentralized People Data Insight

For many people, staying the course, especially if things are going well, is the safest and easiest way forward. Moving away from the status quo and “the way it’s done” is difficult emotionally as well as intellectually. The same can hold true for federal agencies. As much as leadership may want to embrace change and… Read more »

Change the Way You Hire Part 4: Fill Needs, Not Positions

Job descriptions are one of the most shared documents among organizations. Have you ever wondered how complex organizations with unique needs and circumstances can all require basically the same job duties? Fact is, they can’t. Take a good look at your organization and you will find that many of the employees work in the “otherRead… Read more »

The Zen of Cultural Change

It is time to move from creating a more open government to sustaining open government. Yes, there is a lot more work to do in making agencies on all levels of government are releasing their data and becoming transparent. Governments have successfully picked the low-hanging fruit of opening up their datasets. It’s now time toRead… Read more »