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Engaging the public in policy using blogs as discussion forums

I work at the US Environmental Protection Agency, and we’re trying out some old tools in new ways. Currently, our enforcement office is using two blogs to post concepts and then taking comments from anyone who wants to join in. 1) Setting environmental enforcement priorities 2) Establishing a plan to improve enforcement of the CleanRead… Read more »

Koobface returns! Quick, ban all social media!

This post was originally posted on my blog, Talking Salmons. Link to Mashable story. So, looks like Koobface is back. They’ve added some twists to the virus that made headlines last month. Viruses are the most frequent reason policy makers cite when moving to ban social media in the military workplace. However, I wanted toRead… Read more »

Social Media Policy and Knowledge Management

(The following was originally posted as a response to a Discussion List topic on Social Media Policy in FS Communications, a GovLoop Group) I have been entertaining a thought that is pertinent to this direct topic, but also to the entire landscape of knowledge and information management. The key word in that phrasing is “management,”Read… Read more »

Help revise federal policy about agencies using cookies

If you’re in the web world, you’re probably familiar with cookies – those small files sites drop on your computer for various purposes. They can create privacy problems, so persistent cookies have been effectively banned for 9 years. But persistent cookies can also allow us to create excellent customer service and personalization. Now the ObamaRead… Read more »

Some social media resources and a challenge/opportunity.

First, go read this critique of the recent Open Government & Innovations conference. I see this sort of thing regularly: people who have high hopes that aren’t met. As someone who enjoys teaching and leading, it’s hard to watch people who want to move out get frustrated. After reading her post and the comments, IRead… Read more »

Shifting from Gov 1.0 to Gov 2.0

Republished from eGov AU. Sometimes it is difficult for those of us who are new to the public sector to really appreciate the scope of the changes required to transition government institutions and cultures from a 1.0 to 2.0 mentality. It’s not simply a process of mandating a directional change from political levels (though thisRead… Read more »

Operating web and IT in an abundance mindset

Republished from eGov AU. Chris Anderson, the owner of Wired, recently wrote a very thought-provoking article about the need for organisations to consider how to operate within an abundance mindset rather than a scarcity-based one in his article, Tech Is Too Cheap to Meter: It’s Time to Manage for Abundance, Not Scarcity. Chris uses oneRead… Read more »