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Changing Washington: Obama’s First 100 Days

On his first day in office, President Obama began acting on his campaign promise to “change the way Washington does business.” His first directive to agencies articulated a set of principles of how he wants the government to do its business: more transparency in how government does it work, more citizen participation via the Internet,Read… Read more »

New Radio Program on President’s Stimulus Package-What It Means to the Criminal Justice System-NCJA—DC Public Safety

( See radio programs) Welcome to DC Public Safety–radio and television programs on crime, criminal offenders and the criminal justice system. See for our television shows, blog and transcripts. We welcome your comments or suggestions at [email protected] or at Twitter at The show features an interview with the National Criminal Justice Association andRead… Read more »

An Open Letter to President Obama: Change the Lens

I wanted to share a letter with the GovLoop Community written by one of our partners and featured change agents, Ken Miller, author of We Don’t Make Widgets: Overcoming the Myths that Keep Government from Radically Improving. The letter was published by Governing Magazine last month. I look forward to hearing your feedback on theRead… Read more »

Have You Heard About “Born Again American?”

I was just watching Bill Moyers on PBS and they played a song at the end of the episode called, “Born Again American” and mentioned a website. Here is the link: This is from the homepage ~ “. . . I am my country’s keeper.” Are you inspired to become your country’s keeper andRead… Read more »