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My Retirement

Today is the last day of my career in Government, which came in two parts (1971-92 and 2003-now), separated by 11 years in the Private Sector. I have had the wonderful opportunity to have worked with many talented, dedicated, and otherwise great people (present company included). I’ve admired your dedication and expertise, and am gratefulRead… Read more »

Retirement Planning

It’s never too soon to start planning for retirement. The earlier you get started, the less expensive it will be to set yourself up for your future! So, when you find yourself wondering what you have to do NOW to be all set, here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself —Read… Read more »

Retirement Questions Answered

Our federal employees retirement planning site at receives many questions each month from retirees and federal employees and many are focused on the following subject areas. I suggest copying this article and keep it with your important papers so you and your family will have the answers needed when faced with these issues. RetirementRead… Read more »

Congress will debate TSP contributions this session

By Dorothy Ramienski Internet Editor Federal News Radio Good news came out of this month’s Federal Retirement Thrift Investments Board meeting, including news about how and when you might be able to contribute to your TSP account in the future. Tom Trabucco is director of external affairs for the Board and explains. Hear the entireRead… Read more »

Government Hiring and Recruiting: What will 2010 bring?

Originally posted by Monster Government Solutions on Unleash the Monster The start of the New Year has our team contemplating what 2010 will bring to HR departments across the government. Here are a couple of areas where we are sure to see a focus on in the coming year: o The hiring process. For aRead… Read more »

YGL – Take Control of Your Financial Future

GovLoop will continue to feature the weekly blog from Young Government Leaders. Here’s another great post from Young Government Leaders courtesy of President Kate Walker. Check out the original post and attend their upcoming event. —————————– Numerous studies have found a majority of Americans are not prepared for retirement and face the prospect of havingRead… Read more »