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TSP Investment Timing and the Retiree’s Dilemma

The stock market is up and the DOW stock market index has recovered from its low of 6629 in March of 2009 to over 15,000 recently. Interest rates and yields on CDs, treasuries, and savings have remained historically low. The government has artificially maintaining interest rates well below norm to stimulate the economy and toRead… Read more »

Federal Employee replaces FEGLI Option “B” and saves $560,000!

Is FEGLI Option “B” a good value for healthy federal employees as they approach retirement? When our client, male age 55 in excellent health, contacted, he was hoping to preserve his Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance, Option ”B”, into retirement and reduce the costs going forward. Little did he know he could save halfRead… Read more »

Earn Extra Income in Retirement and Have Fun at the Same Time

Retirees and employees alike often need extra income to just get by, pay off debt, or to save for special occasions or a rainy day. There are many part time job offers that you must be cautious of such as advertisements that offer unrealistic wages and annual incomes with little work involved. Real opportunities takeRead… Read more »

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

After a roaring start last week, stocks peaked on Wednesday and finished with some wild intraday action and a rare weekly loss in 2013. We saw a mini-crash in Japan as the Nikkei lost over 7% in Thursday’s trading. This triggered a very weak open for our indices on Thursday morning, but buyers stepped upRead… Read more »

Baby Boomers, Retirement, and Teleworking

I just wanted to chime in regarding the Federal retirement claims dropping by 57% from January 2012 to December 2012. Times ARE changing! I enjoy studying generations and several years ago predictions about the Baby Boomer generation was “all the rage.” Now the time has come and I find what is taking place fascinating. However,Read… Read more »

To RIF or Not to RIF: What’s Over the Edge of this Fiscal Cliff?

At the edge of this ominous “Fiscal Cliff” lies a very real concern for many federal employers: will we have to reduce our workforce even more? And by what means? Aside from attrition (which reeks organizational havoc over a long period of time), there are two ways a Federal employer can reduce its workforce: TheRead… Read more »

Technology Lessens the Burden of the Federal Retirement Tsunami

Originally posted on TechSource by Dan Klanderman We’ve seen it coming for years, and in fact, planned on this disruption to the federal workforce. Yet, the federal retirement tsunami is still causing a disturbance in federal agencies, as a large population of federal employees reach retirement age concurrently. Nearly 9,000 retirement claims were filed inRead… Read more »

Part-Time Retirement Gaining Momentum?

H.R. 4363 proposes to allow Federal employees to “phase into retirement” by continuing their public service, working up to 20 hours per week while receiving a partial annuity. Phased retirees would come from the Feds’ pool of retirement-eligibles who have worked full-time for at least 3-years immediately prior to entering into phased retirement status. ForRead… Read more »

Job Oportunities for Federal Retirees Abound

Numerous job opportunities are available for federal retirees in all occupations and skills. Retirees enjoy working full or part time for many reasons; social, financial, and to stay active. Others with specialized skills, or security clearances will find lucrative consulting and temp jobs awaiting them if they know where to look. If you are collectingRead… Read more »