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More Enterprise 2.0 Must Haves – Status Updates and Measurement

Happy Friday! Here’s the last two enterprise 2.0 principles from my recent guide. Principle #9 – Status Updates Consumer social networking has driven the status update phenomenon, with most services including function so we can see what our friends, family, coworkers and other associates are up to. While it may seem that the status updateRead… Read more »

Design, Simplicity & Calls to Action – Must Haves for Enterprise 2.0 (#e2conf)

Lots going on at the Enterprise 2.0 show here in Boston today. So far, I’ve met a lot of great people, with a ton of valuable sessions. Here’s principle 6, 7, & 8 from the guide to enterprise 2.0 e released earlier this week. Principle #6 – Design Can Make a Big Difference While inRead… Read more »

A Practical Guide to Enterprise 2.0 (#e2conf) – 10 Principles for Success

We’re at the Enterprise 2.0 conference this week, and we’ve released a new guide to help organizations in the public and private sector make sense of social networking for the enterprise. Enterprise 2.0, despite the term, really encompasses all of the social networking and other Web 2.0 technology as it applies within the workplace. IfRead… Read more »

Is Social Software the Answer to Government Onboarding & Offboarding?

It may be hard to believe, but in some Government departments, the rate of attrition will reach 50% over the next five years (direct quote from a Government HR professional). While this retiring group will do well to bring down Government deficit loads, it requires agencies to imagine how to more effectively onboard with allRead… Read more »

Social Software Lessons from the Government and Military

One thing that people often find surprising when I’m talking to them about social learning and communities, is when they find out how government and military organizations are really leading the way when it comes to actually using Web 2.0 tools and making an impact within their organizations. Hands down, government organizaitons are the onesRead… Read more »

In social software, little design changes can make a big difference – US Mil

One of the interesting rubber hits the road things about social software is that it is all about the user. How do you engage them? make them productive? and leverage them? Below is some interesting insight about how in fact, with this focus on the user, that small changes can make a real difference. ThereRead… Read more »

Government Open Source Conference DC Call for Speakers is open

Okay, I’m taking Steve’s advice and copy/pasting from my wordpress blog…. But first, little background: The OSU Open Source Lab has been producing a non-profit Government Open Source Conference on the west coast since 2005. Last fall Viveck Kundra and Aneesh Chopra were two of our keynotes. We’ve been asked to bring this to theRead… Read more »

Where’s the Blog on Open Source (software and models) in Government?

I maintain a wordpress blog, please visit there. Some day I’ll figure out if we can aggregate existing blogs here! You can also follow me on twitter: debbryant And check out my Conference News at the Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON) web site. It’s the conference everyone in IT wants to send their boss tooRead… Read more »

Develop best

It’s no secret that in today’s economy, we are facing more challenges than ever. And real challenges demand real solutions. Supporting real collaboration, using real tools, in real time. Most of all, they demand real winning business outcomes. We are ready to help our customers and partners “get real” about making real change to createRead… Read more »

Would appreciate suggestions on what gov 2.0 topics you want to learn more about

Hi GovLoopers 🙂 I am strongly considering submitting a speaking proposal to The National Association of Government Webmasters for their upcoming conference. While there are various subjects I could pitch and speak to, would like to know what suggestions you have on perhaps what topics you believe are most helpful to learn more about. OutRead… Read more »