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Halloween Horror Stories – Happy Halloween

Check out my Halloween video on Proposal Horror Stories: I am sure you can relate to these, and have lived more of your own proposal nightmares… If you have more chilling stories, please share them with me. Also, don’t forget to check out our training workshops coming up a little over a week: “TheRead… Read more »


All those who suffer from BAD LUCK syndrome, or are just interested in the phenomenon of whether BAD LUCK really does exist. Some people suffer from it more than others and they now have a place to go to share their thoughts, their experiences and/or their curiosity. A new website, is dedicated to exploringRead… Read more »

Everyone Has a Story. What’s Yours? Social Media Reloaded.

By Rick Alcantara Whether you are part of a big company or small practice, you have a story to tell – a story about your products, services, history, achievements and especially your reason for being. Your story is what makes you “you”. It transcends the deliverable. It is the essence of who and what youRead… Read more »