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5 Easy Ways to Get Your Team to Trust You

When you’ve earned your team’s trust, they can achieve greater success together and individually. They’ll work more collaboratively and accomplish tasks with greater efficiency. When they know they can put their trust in you, your team will be more likely to support your decisions and bring their full enthusiasm to their work.

The Art of Conquering a Workplace Transition

In the seminal military treatise, The Art of War, author Sun Tzu writes, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” This maxim holds true during workplace transitions. Change for Govies is constant, taking on varying forms. Whether it’s a system upgrade, turnover, reorganization, or downsizing, it is bound to happen at your agency.Read… Read more »

Strategies to Promote Collaboration On Your Team

This is our second post in the May GovLoop
 Blog Series exploring how we can work to remove silos in government. Our first post focused on leadership and ways to become the “trusted leader” across government. We had some great comments and a fascinating discussion on leadership. One comment I wanted to share came fromRead… Read more »

Grieving the Sudden Death of a Beloved Mentor, Manager, and “Man for All Seasons”: The Personal and Transpersonal Art of Keeping a Spirit Alive

My Grief Intervention work continues. I believe there is much to learn being with people whose world has been tragically turned upside down. I hope I have done justice to their pain and plight. Of course, if I can help you deal with personal or organizational loss, through on-site grief intervention, workshops, or retreats onRead… Read more »

Practice Safe Stress: Using Humor to Build Resiliency

For the Sep 27th “Wellness Summit” in Indianapolis sponsored by the Indiana Chamber of Conference and the Indiana Wellness Council, I’ve been asked to write a brief promotional article about my upcoming Keynote — “Practice Safe Stress: Using Humor to Build Resiliency.” They’re expecting at least 500 people. It should be a blast! I thinkRead… Read more »

Retreat Exercises and Interventions that Changed Organizational Cultures: Unexpected Discoveries

Last week produced a “déjà vu” experience although it was definitely not the “déjà vu all over again” variety. For only the second time in my speaking career I received unanticipated feedback from participants of a workshop two or more years after the actual event. This is not trivial as one of the challenging aspectsRead… Read more »

The Evolution of Team Synergy: Transforming Parts into Partners

That the term “synergy” keeps showing up on my mental radar and calendar is not surprising. But yesterday, I experienced the “mother nature” variation. Meandering along the banks of the Chagrin River, 20 miles east of Cleveland, I stepped off the heavily wooded path at the confluence point of two streaming tributaries. Walking along aRead… Read more »

Starting a “Gentoring” ™Program: Gen X-Y Barriers to Bridging the Generational-Digital Divide

Starting a “Gentoring” ™Program: Barriers to Bridging the Generational-Digital Divide – Gen Xers and Millennial “Hot Buttons” In the first two segments of my Gentoring essay, a) the concepts of Gentor ™ and Gentoring ™ were introduced (“Gentoring” ™: Building a New Mentoring Role for Bridging the Generational-Digital Divide or “Don’t Be Afraid to PetRead… Read more »