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Welcome Aboard! Now What? – A Three-Step Process for Quickly Getting Your Team Up to Speed

By Mike Bajit, PMP After the excitement of a newly awarded contract, comes the implementation of the winning proposal. Part of that is building the team to execute the plan and satisfy the contract requirements. But what if the whole team isn’t available on Day One, or the team is new to the sector? ARead… Read more »

Why Teamwork is Overrated

There’s No “I” in Team – But There is a “ME”! Why Teamwork is Overrated Let’s all work together! Sounds great, right? Well, sometimes it is. But if you want to create an environment where creativity, imaginative problem solving, and attention to detail flourishes, you may need to let some of your team members workRead… Read more »

How Integrated Product Teams Can Improve Performance and Save Money

By Mike Ipsaro, PMP, CCE/A In this time of tight budgets and mandates to do more or the same with less, the need for innovation through greater communication and cooperation is greater than ever. The intelligent use of Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) that foster an organizational climate of cross-functional collaboration can drive innovation throughout yourRead… Read more »

Hidden Superpowers of Balanced Creative Teams

I’m always intrigued by team dynamics, what makes good ones work well? what causes problems? etc. We’ve all likely worked in great and not so great environments. So what makes a great team and what attributes should you look for when building your team? In a recent article on Emily Cohen wrote about “TheRead… Read more »

Widening the Aperture of Acquisition & the Acquisition Team

By Mike Ipsaro PMP, CCE/A, Technical Director Today’s fiscally constrained environment is being felt in many places, including acquisition. The Federal Government spends billions to execute its missions through acquisitions. After talking with one of my colleagues about the impact on the acquisition discipline, she astutely said “though resources may be narrowing, the way youRead… Read more »


Originally posted on#GovLife. In my last post, I provided you all with some background as to who I am. One of the things I find fascinating about the public service (particularly in Ottawa) is that it’s a microcosm of Canada. It doesn’t attract a specific personality type or background – it is literally, equal opportunity.Read… Read more »

It’s a Fiscal Cliff! It’s a Sequester! It’s Ineffective Leadership?

As much as I would like to jump on the “sequester bandwagon” and write yet another article about the impact this enormous change will have on our country, I’m going to take a different approach on the topic that is monopolizing water cooler discussions these days. I, like the rest of us, have been readingRead… Read more »

The Changing Workforce: Four Generations One Workplace

Bridging the gaps among generationsWith four generations constituting today’s work force, the generation gap is alive and well in offices, factories, and warehouses across the country. In fact a recent study from the Society for Human Resource Management reveals that nearly 25% of human resources professionals reported generation conflict in their workplace. Workers notice it,Read… Read more »

How Do You Organize and Utilize Your Crisis Communications Team?

We highlighted crisis communications a couple of weeks ago when we featured crisis communications expert Dr. Joe Trahan and his “go ugly early” approach. Crisis communications will be a hot topic at next week’s NAGC Communications School. I’m really interested to hear from others on how they distribute and redistribute tasks during a crisis. AtRead… Read more »