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Don’t Insist on a Decision

All, During my morning Harvard “Management Tip Of The Day” feed read, I ran across an article that speaks to managerial on-the-spot decision making. The article is printed, in its entirety below and attached as well. It’s pretty self explanatory. ———————————————– Conventional wisdom holds that a flawed decision is better than no decision. After all,Read… Read more »

What’s so smart about Smartsheet?

Have you ever needed to turn in a report or spreadsheet on how well you or your team performedon a particular task/project? How well were you able to portray your efforts in terms of efficency and quantity? For instance, if you are a manager of a helpdesk, creating a spreadsheet that shows the amount ofRead… Read more »


Looking for the latest on Leadership books? Perhaps what has been written in the past on the subject that is stilll timeless. We do a free monthly newsletter to our clients who have taken our Leadership, Communications, Teamwork, or Personality workshsops with tips on Leadership and book reviews. Sign up here today to be addedRead… Read more »

Achieving Goals Only Comes From Working with Others

So many people think about leadership as a solitary effort that we often loose sight of the importance and need for the engagement of a variety of people in the leadership process. Leadership implies relationship by denoting the presence of both leader and follower. While these terms have become pejorative, the essence behind the conceptRead… Read more »