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What separates you from being a crazed babbling lunatic and a leader?

One follower. According to Derek Sivers, leadership starts with someone who has the guts and chutzpah to stand out and be ridiculed. Being different doesn’t have to mean being wierd (*which is part of another awesome TED talk) but it does require being confident enough in your message, vision, and purpose to be willing toRead… Read more »

TEDxMidAtlantic: Disruptive IDEAS, Breath Taking MOMENTS and CHALLENGERS All Over the Place

On Friday at Sydney Hall it was all about ideas worth spreading. TED, the usually very exclusive (and expensive) premium event was coming to DC for not only affordable prices but also for an audience that is willing to make a difference. Now, you might wonder how does that differ from any of the otherRead… Read more »

AUVSI 2009 Interviews and recap if interested

By: Ted Kelly-Ventresca The World’s Largest Collection of Robots and Other Unmanned Systems Hardware at Washington Convention Center, 10-13 August 2009 was an overwhelming success. The AUVSI ( me unprecedented access to talk to the creative minds and companies responsible for the Information Technology that drives the future of battlefield, battle space and homeland securityRead… Read more »

How cell phones, Twitter and Facebook make history

From the Government Business Examiner by Donna L. Quesinberry When performing a search on Clay Shirky (an adjunct professor in NYU’s graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program [ITP]), the result is no less than 20 pages of factoids, videos, articles, blogs, etc. Mr. Shirky’s understanding of the interrelated effects of social and technological network topology and howRead… Read more »