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Predicting Famine Through Analytics

Starving children have depended on warnings made by a federal interagency group that has worked together for more than 25 years to help international aid groups by predicting where famines in remote regions are occurring. The Famine Early Warning System is an interagency network among federal agencies and the United Nations that began in 1985,Read… Read more »

Fellow VHA employees….Please vote for my VHA Employee Innovation Competition entry

I just submitted this idea for the VHA Employee Innovation Competition This is something that I’m passionate about and would love to see come to fruition. Please feel free to log in and vote on this! Thanks for your support!

Exciting news for the VHA and open source healthcare information technology

The Open Source community has a history of using the FOIA version of the VHA’s VistA/CPRS and making it accessible for use outside the VHA. The open source, Liberty Medical Software Foundation has now started an organization proposing collaboration with the VHA for further development and innovation of the VHA’s system. In this time ofRead… Read more »