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7 Ideas for the U.S. Digital Service

This week it was announced that the U.S. federal government is creating a U.S. Digital Service team led by Mikey Dickerson with a goal to "improve and…


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4 Tips on Changing Your Government Job

Recently, I've been talking to lots of government employees about their career path.  Some of these leaders are part of our VIP program (and won free career coaching) and others part of our mentors program.


In general, I find most of these government leaders have the following situation:

  • Are passionate about public…

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"Twas the Night Before Christmas" - Government Edition

Christmas is less than two days away and here at GovLoop a majority of our team is taking the chance to spend the holiday with family and friends and hopefully you get to do the same. But before we do that we wanted to share our sincere thank you, wish you a happy holiday and leave you with our semi-original "Twas the Night Before Christmas" - government edition.…


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4 Examples of Verified Government

Is your government verified?  I love the trend in social media of verifying government accounts.  The public needs to know whether an account is really government or not and it can be hard to tell in social media.

It truly is a continuation of web 1.0.  The original verified e-government account is the .gov - but seeing that domain you know it is a government websites.

Here are 4 examples of social media verifying government 



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3 Ideas for Great Customer Service from Ritz-Carlton

This weekend was both my 2nd wedding anniversary and my kid's 1st birthday.  So kind of a big deal, eh?


My wife and I decided to honor the anniversaries by redeeming our Marriot points for a 1-night stay at a fancy Ritz Carlton on the beach.  It was an awesome weekend and Ritz Carlton lived up to its well-known gold standard of customer service (which i…


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Do You Text with Your Boss?

Perhaps five years ago, texting was mainly for teens.  Now days, everyone texts.  All ages for all reasons.  I text with my mother, my sister, my wife, and my friends on all things from quick thoughts to photos.

But I never used to text for work.  Something about it just felt wrong.


And then the last six months, I’ve started to get more work-related…


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13 Tips on Email Management

For many white collar government workers, a large part of your day is spent on email management - writing emails, reading emails, responding to actions in emails.

But we never get any tips on how to be successful at email.  

So here are my 13 tips:

1) Respond to every email within 24 hours - You send an email and you don't know if the other person received.  Some people take the approach that if they…


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10 Tips on Social Media for HR Practicioners

Last week, I delivered a presentation "10 Tips on Social Media for HR Practicioners" as part of the webinar series for IPMA-HR (leading HR association for government leaders).


My 10 tips (plus a bonus one) were:

  • Know Your Audience & Goals
  • Engage with Candidates
  • Get Targeted for Passive Job Seekers
  • Rethink…

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Is It Just Another Wiki? Fundamentally Rethinking Gov't

Great talk by Beth Noveck of NYU's The Gov Lab at Personal Democracy Forum 2013 on how to fundamentally rethink the process the way government works with citizens and how to solve public sector problems.

Great examples from Innocentive to Kaggle to Zara to to truly reimagine how government works.  

More GovLoop on Social Media:…


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One Great Photo a Day - Lessons from Department of Interior's Instagram Page

Recently, I've become obsessed with Department of Interior's Instagram page.  

To me, it's one of the best examples of government social media and it's super simple - one great photo of a National Park per day (taken by the Department or visitors of the park).  Each photo will receive between 2,000 and 4,000 hearts and the account has over 45,000 followers.…


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13 Tips on Social Media for Public Health

Last week, I had the honor of speaking about "Social Media and Public Health" at the Michigan Homeland Security Training Conference.  It was a great event with ~3,000 state and local government public health and emergency response leaders (plus Grand Rapids, MI is an awesome…


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How-to: 30 Steps to Become a Digital City

At GovLoop, we recently released a report on "Digital Government Strategy".  

One aspect of Digital Government, we touched briefly on but I wanted to…


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Does Jury Duty = Citizen Engagement?

Yesterday, I spent all day in jury duty.  In the end, I didn't get picked for the week-long trial but I found the whole process pretty fascinating.  It's great to see a truly diverse, cross-section group of individuals across the city come together to serve in government.

Particularly I think there is a lot of lessons we can learn from jury duty to leverage for citizen engagement.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the whole operation - huge show-up rate…


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What's Your Favorite Cubicle?

What’s Your Favorite Cubicle?

No one talks about it but there is a huge difference between a good and bad cubicle.

My worst cubicle was my first cubicle. It was probably ten years old, half falling apart, and puke color.  The chair was old and I was always stuck in an awkward position all day.  


Finally it was stuck right in the middle of a room where my boss could see directly to my screen from his office. And he would yell out at…


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3 Ideas on the Project MyGov Toolbar

Last week, the White House Presidential Innovation Fellowsannounced the launch of Project MyGov Toolbar.…


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4 Tips for a Great Prezi Presentation

Today I was asked by my sister for an example of a great Prezi presentation so she could share it with her high school English class.  

For those that don't know, Prezi is a presentation software that enables more zooming in and out - basically a different approach to Powerpoint.

I sent my sister to this great Prezi presentation from our…


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Improving Government - One Tablet at a Time

Over the weekend, I read a great NY Times article entitled "Making Us Safer, One iPad at a Time".

In this article, the author Steven Cohen describes the current case of judicial paperwork.  Basically, when an officer arrests an individual, the officer writes info by hand into memo books, clerks…


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Delivering City Services - Food Truck Style at City of Boston

For all the talk about egovernment, gov20, mobile service delivery, sometimes we forget to step back and say - 

"what is the goal?"

And truly the goal of these innovation is making it easier for citizens to get the services they desire.

That's why I love this new service delivery vehicle created by City of Boston - The Service Delivery Food Truck.  

-Think about it - a food…


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Maslow's Hierarchy of Government Customer Service Needs

Two months ago I became a father.  As such, I've had to navigate a number of government entities in order to get services for my son.

As such, it made me think more about what is great customer service in government.  Which after doing some research, 

I found this great article on Maslow's Hierarchy of Customer Service



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Top 40+ #Gov20 People to Follow on Twitter

Recently, a friend asked me: "Where do I get started for Twitter and government?  Do you have any recommendation for top people to follow?

I pointed him to my Twitter list - GovLoop Rockstars - but then I realized that I have 385 people in that list and it's getting a little overwhelming.

So I…


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