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Setting Goals for Government: Revising GPRA

Here’s a re-posting of a piece I co-authored with Jonathan Breul, Robert Shea, and Jitinder Kohli on the Center for American Progress’s “Doing What Works” website. It’s significant in that it is by senior staffers who worked on government performance issues from the Reagan, Clinton, and both Bush administrations. It explains why the Senate shouldRead… Read more »

Finally, A Name!

The Obama management agenda finally has a name: the Accountable Government Initiative. In a memo from President Obama to the 7,000 members of the senior executive service, he highlights six initiatives and their progress to date. He also says: “I have tasked our Chief Performance Officer, Jeff Zients, with leading the Accountable Government Initiative,. .Read… Read more »

UK Public Service Agreements – Lessons for Obama Performance Initiatives

Are there lessons from the use of Public Service Agreements over the past decade in the UK for the implementation of the Obama Administration’s High Priority Performance Goals? Volumes have been written on how to develop performance measures and targets. However, comparatively little has been written on how to use measures to monitor or manage.Read… Read more »

Re-Thinking Performance Metrics in Federal Agencies

In a Federal News Radio conversation with reporter Francis Rose and two other guests – Robert Shea, a former OMB executive, and Jon Desenberg, with the Performance Institute – we talked about the Obama Administration’s performance initiatives to date, and the potential implications for agency efforts to measure performance. Shea said “people miss some ofRead… Read more »

Changing Washington: Obama’s First 100 Days

On his first day in office, President Obama began acting on his campaign promise to “change the way Washington does business.” His first directive to agencies articulated a set of principles of how he wants the government to do its business: more transparency in how government does it work, more citizen participation via the Internet,Read… Read more »

IBM Center Launches Transition Resources

Next week, we’ll know who the next President will be. And he’ll have to hit the ground running to deal with the mega-challenges he’ll face. His first task will be to put in place his team of executives to run agencies that oftentimes dwarf even Fortune 50 companies. How do they get up to speed?Read… Read more »

Presidential Transition 2008

Just joined GovLoop at the recommendation of Steve Kelman! Looks like this is a long-needed forum for public sector employees and I’m interested in helping bring both content and connections. The IBM Center for The Business of Government offers thought leadereship resources for government managers on a wide range of topics. It commissions research fromRead… Read more »