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How to Measure Impact Online

Recently we held a webinar with Martin Done, Service Director Communications and Marketing and Sarah Lay, Senior Digital Officer of Nottinghamshire County Council to discuss the Council’s new branding efforts and outreach to drive avoidable contact and channel shift initiatives. You can watch a replay of the webinar here. Due to an overwhelming number ofRead… Read more »

Ignore the Emergence of Impact Communications at Your Own Risk

Written by Scott Burns, CEO & co-Founder of GovDelivery Sometimes you can see the sunset, and it is a beautiful thing. But when the sun is setting on your role and your ability to contribute to the organization you serve, it’s troubling. That is happening for many public sector communicators, and there is still timeRead… Read more »

Is Twitter the Right Channel for Responding to Customer Service Questions in the U.K.?

While social media has the potential to be a great add-on tool for customer service (communicating with the public through Twitter opens up possibilities for immediate interactions) most U.K. organisations are not using Twitter for direct stakeholder interactions. In fact, even though the majority of U.K. organisations have a Twitter account, only about a thirdRead… Read more »

New Research Shows Top 3 Ways for Improving Communications in U.K. Government Organisations

In 2014, around 100 U.K. government communication professionals were surveyed to determine the most important trends driving public sector communication with the public and stakeholders. GovDelivery published the results in an e-book, the UK Trends E-book. Here are some of the findings. Naturally, there were varied responses to our survey; however, communicators tended to shareRead… Read more »

Government Customer Satisfaction Levels Leave Room for Improvement

Last week, the Federal Consulting Group (FCG) hosted the 2014 Government Customer Satisfaction Forum. The program was jam-packed with public sector and private sector experts, including: Ross Smith from the Office of Technology for the Veterans Administration spoke on his efforts to increase satisfaction of different tech-related interactions Dr. Forrest Morgeson with the American CustomerRead… Read more »

By the Tweets: Government Digital Communications Tour

By Kelsey Lund, Marketing Communications Specialist, GovDelivery GovDelivery’s digital communications tour is in full swing! Over the last month we’ve visited Oakland, CA and Austin, TX, sparking conversations on the value of technology, outreach, and communications in government, as well as strategies to increase that value. We’ve hosted many innovative, successful speakers, from private sectorRead… Read more »

Getting More Revenue: UK’s HM Revenue & Customs Case Study

At this year’s UK digital communications event, “Reaching More People: Transforming Public Service Delivery with Collaborative Communications”, staff from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the UK’s tax authority (think IRS for the UK), spoke about their agency’s efforts to reach more people in a more effective way in their presentation, “Central Government Success Story: HMRC”.Read… Read more »

Pitching a Press Release? Forget Social, Try Email

In recent years, social media channels have taken the limelight as the preferred platform for communications and connectivity to the masses. Organizations wishing to disseminate information broadly and efficiently are embracing social media as one of their core marketing tools, even using outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to pitch press releases to journalists.Read… Read more »

The Power of Partnerships

Partnership marketing has become a bit of a buzzword in government communications in recent years, and many organisations are seeing the benefits and getting on board. In his presentation, “Central Government Success Story: Health & Safety Executive (HSE),” at this year’s UK digital communications event, the E-Marketing and Online Evaluation Manager, Gavin Parkinson, shared howRead… Read more »