Securing Data in the Cloud

This blog is an excerpt from our recent Industry Perspective, “Securing Your Data in the Cloud.” To download the entire brief, click here. When we think of data breaches, we might picture a TV plotline on shows like “Quantico” or real-life examples like Edward Snowden – where someone intentionally exposes sensitive information. But the realityRead… Read more »

Strategies for Deploying & Migrating to Office 365

This blog is an excerpt from our recent Industry Perspective, “Government in the Cloud: Strategies for Deploying & Migrating to Office 365.” To download the full brief, click here. We know that public and private clouds are a smart investment for government. Recently, hybrid cloud technology was identified as one of the top 10 strategicRead… Read more »

What 2016 Has In Store for Cloud Service Level Agreements

Whether you’re a stickler for standards or not, the U.S. federal cloud computing market is better off because of them. Thanks to the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), there are now baseline requirements for securing cloud products and services in use governmentwide. But the work doesn’t end after an agency finds a FedRAMP-compliant vendor.Read… Read more »

Easing Cloud Migration

This blog post is an excerpt from GovLoop’s recent guide, the The Future of Cloud: 5 of the Latest Cloud Computing Trends in Government. Download the full guide here. The great cloud migration in government is well underway. How various government agencies support the cloud will differ depending on whether the agency is federal, state or local.Read… Read more »

Don’t Fear the Cloud

Remember the last time you sat outside on a sunny day staring up at the clouds? Remember feeling a sense of familiarity and tranquility? Or did you see a different kind of cloud – one that looked eerie, dangerous, and scary? Today, we are talking about cloud computing and the question is: which cloud doRead… Read more »

Finding Your Right Cloud Solution

This post is an excerpt from our recent report, “Finding Your Right Cloud Solution: Public & Private Clouds.” To download the full report, click here. The report is part of a three-part series, where GovLoop will highlight the power of the Oracle cloud and explore how Oracle is helping government agencies transform the way they deliver services.Read… Read more »