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Building on GovMadness 2011: – the Best of the Rest in Gov2.0 from Federal, State and Local

In keeping with the spirit that GovLoop has started this week with GovMadness 2011, I thought I’d post a forum to highlight some of the smaller agencies and cities that may have gotten the snub from GovLoop’s big dance. There are a lot of agencies and departments out there doing great work with social media,Read… Read more »

QR tags promote a bank–and the classics (and Sudoku, of course)

This is a nifty ad campaign-with-QR-tag for a bank that encourages people to scan the tag for a download of a classic book (Treasure Island, anyone?), a Sudoku, or a crossword puzzle. One of the cleverest things they’re doing is putting the ads in places where people may be forced to wait–like an airport.Read… Read more »