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4 More Tips for U.S. Digital Services & Agency Teams

Last August, when the U.S. Digital Services was announced, I wrote a blog post with 7 Ideas for the USDS. Yesterday, the White House announced in their 2016 budget a $100M program to expand digital services teams into 25 agencies. This is quite an impressive proposal and it also follows my first general tip forRead… Read more »

The 5 Most Unforgettable Blogs by Government Agencies

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about the “death of blogging” or about its already-in-progress resurrection. Yet a stroll around the blogosphere reveals a lively culture of content creation and sharing that seems untouched by any death throes. Blogging started as—and often, at its best, continues to be—an online personal journal perfect for oversharing. So, one might not think thatRead… Read more »

5 Tips to Flip Your Virtual Event

I love the way this video clip portrays some of the communication barriers and group dynamics associated with virtual conferencing. For me, it also calls into question the format of most of our meetings. Virtual meetings often make it easier for more attendees to participate, and as a virtual worker, I get it!  But I also haveRead… Read more »

Technology is changing- learn how to grow with it!

Next week (February 9-10, 2015), Esri is holding a Federal GIS Conference to inspire government employees to share ideas, best practices, and more. Over 3000 government professionals and leaders will join together in Washington, D.C. to combat real-world challenges with real solutions that utilize GIS technology. Esri technology is helping the government become more resilientRead… Read more »

Innovation Pipeline Management: Lessons Learned from the Federal Government and the Private Sector

There are several government initiatives that promote innovation, both within and across government agencies. Some are intended to eliminate waste by bringing in a “skunk works” style external group along the lines of Technology Fellows programs or the Food and Drug Administration’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. Other involve providing innovation funds within agencies to promote new ideas forRead… Read more »

26 Government Playmakers That Stop the Super Bowl from Getting Sacked

Football players may bear the brunt of the work on the field, but in the weeks, months, and even years leading up to the Super Bowl, dozens of government agencies go on the offensive. While it’s no shock that local city, county, and state agencies have a front-and-center role in the NFL game, many federal agenciesRead… Read more »

What Does a Creative Organisation Look Like?

“I think it is important to point out that creativity is a human capability. It is not owned by, or restricted to artists, designers and architects; everyone has it, but the real question is how you harness creativity in such a way that it can be made productive.” There has been a growing recognition inRead… Read more »

The State of the Union in GIFs

If you missed President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address or just want to relive the highlights, these GIFs show the moments that government workers—and the nation—got either giddy or giggly about. 1. The ultimate comeback It was the mic drop moment that caused a social media sensation. When some of the crowd cheered after Obama said, “IRead… Read more »

6 of the Best Government Vines

Vine, the popular micro-video sharing app, launched two years ago on January 24, 2013. For this Vine-iversary, if you will, let’s celebrate the most creative, most touching, and most effective Vines shared by government agencies. Just three months after Vine launched, in a lightning fast move almost unheard of in government, the General Services Administration (GSA) createdRead… Read more »

Facts & Myths about Training

In last week’s post, Why Mandatory Training Rocks, I asked GovLoopers to weigh in on whether a few statements about learning are facts or myths. Here are the results and some supporting evidence.  Thanks to all who participated. 1. Participants have to like training to learn from it (Myth) @ryanburdick wrote, this one’s “a weird place betweenRead… Read more »