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Measuring Creativity: Part Two

Last week we looked at indicators that might be measured in relation to factors that can foster creativity and innovation in organisations. In this post we’ll consider possible measures of creative activity and the outcomes of creativity. Creative activity The measurement of creativity itself is arguably about monitoring ideas that are generated. This can beRead… Read more »

Telling a Citizen Story with Digital Services

This post is an interview excerpted from GovLoop’s recent guide, The Future of Digital Services. In the guide, we explore five trends that are transforming the way government serves citizens in the digital age. The fundamental goal of government digital services is to serve and engage citizens. Yet while many services are designed with thisRead… Read more »

Put People First And Let Technology Do the Rest

Much has been made lately about digital services in government. Better technology. More efficient software. Increasingly agile IT. Better digital services and better technology in government are absolutely important. But technology can only take your organization so far. There is a continued importance of having people actually working and dedicating their time to do theRead… Read more »

Synchronize Email With Your Other Marketing Channels

While email continues to rule the digital communication space [ADD STATISTIC HERE], marketers cannot afford to ignore the growing popularity of social channels as an opportunity to further the connection with their audience. Learn how to use other communication channels to increase your email reach and vice-versa.

Letting Go of #Gov20 and Embracing #CivicTech: A Five-Year Retrospective (Plus Thoughts on What Comes Next)

Five years ago yesterday, I started my first day as the Social Media Director for the IBM Center for the Business of Government. The tulips in my garden had just started to poke out from the ground, and the DC region was still digging out from the Snowmeggedon that had walloped us three weeks prior.Read… Read more »


By Pete Wilson There is a lot of energy today around innovation in government. This is a good thing. Government agencies, like all large organizations, can fall into a complacent bureaucratic model that fiercely protects established structures, processes, and cultures. When they do, they can become unresponsive to the evolving needs of customers, partners, andRead… Read more »

4 Reasons to Benchmark Against the Private Sector

I’ve always found it a bit disheartening how far-removed some government departments seem to be from any semblance of performance-based accountability. I ask, “would these folks survive a day out in the real world if there was an ounce of competition?” Considering that I work for the government as well, I have to assume that othersRead… Read more »

Federal Data Finally Gets Its Time in the Sunlight

What might be the largest index of government data in the world is about to come to light. How did this radical big data reveal come about? Back in May 2013, President Obama signed the Open Data Executive Order to make government data more accessible to citizens, companies, and entrepreneurs. The order required agencies to create indexes of the datasets theyRead… Read more »

Government Goes Digital

This post is an excerpt from GovLoop’s recent guide, The Future of Digital Services. In the guide, we explore five trends that are transforming the way government serves citizens in the digital age. In May 2012, President Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum calling on agencies to “build a 21st century digital government that delivers better digital services to theRead… Read more »