A soft Twitter launch for the County…

… and waiting for the other shoe to drop! Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t do this by myself. We have a Web 2.0 working group comprised of representatives from the Library, Parks & Rec, Economic Development, Public Information, the IT Director, and the County’s CIO. We’re wrangling on how to best use these information… Read more »

Pens Vs. Pandemics

Originally posted October 20 on theagilemind.blogspot.com Digital pens could prevent the next Avian Flu or West Nile Fever. How’s that? Yep, digital pens. You might have heard some of the growing buzz among tech writers about a new one, the Pulse from a company called Livescribe. Essentially they are devices that look like standard pens… Read more »

Bureaucrat = Epithet

Is bureaucrat a bad word? At the risk of being labelled a heretic, my answer is an unequivocal “Yes!” Now before you lob your government issued ID badge at me, let me clarify. I’m not saying bureacrats are bad. I’m not even saying bureaucracy is bad, despite my allergy to it. What we are talking… Read more »

Being a Good Citizen

Last Wednesday I did something that I don’t usually do. As my family sat down to dinner I placed my laptop on the kitchen counter so we could watch the debates while we ate our meatloaf. Of all the debates so far, I felt that this was the most important. So we sat and watched… Read more »

No Seriously, Why will you be voting by November 4?

I had the opportunity to vote this past weekend (Thank God for early voting in Virginia) and as I made my final steps towards the booth to cast my ballot, I asked myself what is the real reason for voting in this presidential election and for me it is as simple as this: To have… Read more »