State/Local Adaptation to Climate Variability, Extreme Weather…Fusing Data for Tactical Decision-Making

I’m out here in Phoenix with Molly O’Neil, Jerry Johnston, Jeff Levy and 800 others for EPA’s EnviroInfoSymposium. We presented a paper I wrote with AZ DEQ Secy Steve Owens and EPA GIO Jerry Johnston on next best moves for states, locals dealing with extreme weather. We’ll be working together in the coming months to… Read more »

Cost/Benefit Analysis Part 1 – The Government Line

I’ll be writing a series of posts on Cost/Benefit Analysis. First the Government line: baseline excerpts from government hosted publications regarding cost/benefit analysis, and links back to the publication. OMB Circular A094 – Guidelines and Discount Rates for Benefit-Cost Analysis of Federal Programs: …A program is cost-effective if, on the basis of life cycle cost… Read more »

Social Media Day, a learning experience

Overall, I believe the Technology Services’ (NIST) Social Media Day was a success. Dr. Jean-Claude Bradley shared his experience with creating and using Open Notebook Science that will hopefully inspire some of our scientists to see the value in web 2.0 tools to help them with their work. And his work with solubility may become… Read more »

Are You Using GovTwit Yet?

As folks in this community know well, more and more people in and around government are using the social media platform Twitter. Twitter allows users to create a community of interest and shared information via “tweets” of 140 characters or less. Government users have created a vibrant and active community using Twitter daily to talk… Read more »

Getting Started

I am currently working on an initiative to bring web 2.0 technologies into the county that I work for. I admit that I have not been a user of much of this technology, mostly because of time I think, however I have started reading about and using this type of technology to get started with… Read more »

Does Obama Need a “Warren Buffet-Like” Person to be the DNI?

For those of you who have not read David Ignatius editorial in the Washington Post this morning, it is worthy of checking out. He breaks down all of the challenges facing the intelligence community and what should be done under the Obama administration. From highlighting the “left-right slugfest” over the fate of the community, to… Read more »

Twitter Outreach

We just set up a twitter account ( in hopes of using it as another source of distribution to the press and citizens. So, I’ve been poking around online and discovered a few articles of interest. The Pioneer Press on Twitter Learn about micro blogging and join our reporters in the Twitterverse Twitter usage by… Read more »

Spending Public Money

Every day, government and public service managers face the challenge of delivering more and better services despite limited budgets. If you were in their position, what would be your spending priorities? Through Spending Public Money—an online experience developed by the Accenture Institute for Public Service Value—you have an opportunity to think about your answers to… Read more »