Bathroom. Convenience. Oubliette. Facility. Water Closet. Services. Powder Room. Little Boys’ and Girls’ Rooms.

How do people handle matters relating to the other end of the alimentary canal? For instance: What do they call that room in their language? (If there is one – in one place I visited, when I asked to use a restroom, two people got a sheet of corrugated metal and held it upright. Voilá!… Read more »

GovLoop’s Bureaucrat on Sports – Heisman Trophy Edition and Queen City Pick

Ho, Ho, Hokies!!! 🙂 Today, President Bush declared December 26, 2008 a federal holiday for most federal workers (with the exception of essential employees). You can see the text of his Executive Order right here. The Hokie Guru is all for President-Elect Obama continuing this tradition. More time to watch college football bowl games. Yep,… Read more »


I like being able to call in to meetings. I dislike it when the first half of a meeting consists of reliving the prior meeting for the benefit of people who missed it. I like the mute feature on my phone.

Brain Drain in the Intelligence Community?

Ed O’Keefe’s Federal Eye blog this morning had an enlightening post about how many of the leaders in the intelligence community are baby-boomers poised for retirement. In fact, there was a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing yesterday that highlighted these concerns. To be more precise, the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission put… Read more »

Applying Crowdsourcing/Collaborative Models in a Government Environment

This is the third of three in a mini-series of blog entries. In the first blog entry, I described Gov 2.0 as a world of “permeable boundaries”, characterized by crowdsourcing and collaboration, and described the challenges that created for leadership. In the second blog entry I looked at some model organizations that are already working… Read more »

From Microsoft FutureFed: Innovative technology to maximize government interaction

Microsoft just launched a blog called FutureFed and it has some great content about technology and the government. Here’s a recent post about Transparency and the Government: President-Elect Obama campaigned in an unconventional and transformational way, using the Internet to link people together, collaborate, and provide information. He has proven that he and his team… Read more »